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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Birthday

This will be brief because Griffin is waiting for his turn on the computer but today is my birthday and my dad's. Today I went out with Griffin to the lake early enough that it wasn't so hot in the shade then we went swimming inside at the YMCA where the water was so nice and cool, then we went to Cold Stone Creamery and got an ever so small "like it" sized ice cream for a treat.

We are totally broke, have a hole in the radiator in the car and the air conditioner doesn't work so we can't always take Abby (our service dog) because she gets so hot just traveling from place to place even though she goes in everywhere with us she still wears a fur coat after all. Griffin gets upset because he has to help me open the hood of the car because it takes two people, my car is a 2000 model, and sometimes he simply doesn't feel like helping open the hood to put water in the car.

Gotta go, it is Griffin's turn on the computer. My time is up. I am going to go relax on the couch and either read or watch the DVR programs of the Science Channel I recorded. Welcome to my new friend from Homestyle Mama (with a side of autism).


Mac said...

Happy Birthday!!!

DeeAnn said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! My birthday is on the 29th also...of August. :) Have a great evening!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

A belated happy birthday, and I hope that more money heads your way soon x