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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Relaxation and Occupational Therapy

Spongebob Squarepants by: Griffin

Paul Taylor was kind enough to write to me and send me this link :  which includes techniques for your child to relax and they are very easy to do. I think that Griffin will have no problem doing them so I am going to incorporate them into our schedule each day. Thank you for sending that over Paul. He really needs to calm down and relax not only at night but during the day because he is not active which typically creates a calming effect physically which doesn't make sense but activity increases blood flow which helps to calm the muscles down when the activity ceases.

He had a huge meltdown at OT yesterday telling me that he didn't want to go to this OT anymore that he wants to go back to his old OT at the OH Center. He told me that he is so bored where he is and that there is nothing to do but his OT is so good with him and so kind, so good with me too but......time to move on I guess. I know that he needs OT, he still has sensory issues but does he need to go to OT, that is the question. I could just keep his OT stuff here at home......nah.....I think that he needs it outside of home because I can't give him everything that he needs. 


Looking for Blue Sky said...

This ties in with what I was blogging about I think? That while we as mums do our best, sometimes our kids need input from others, from all those highly training therapists who should be able to enhance and complement the work thst we do to help our kids. And it's good for all of us to get out of the house at times, in my opinion!

leehuck said...

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