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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Latest Progress

We have been working with the RHA team and I must say that they are wonderful, I am really impressed with them and how well they work with Griffin. He has come a long way since they started working with him about 3 weeks ago, Griffin is not hitting me everyday like he was and our home is much calmer and quieter. Neither of us feel the same frustration that we had before and hopefully the computer will last longer because I just moved it and posted the rules and plan to reinforce them. He knows that if he breaks the computer that he is not getting another one, I am hoping that I can get a laptop for me if this happens so that I can use it while he is in school.

I am just so grateful that we are on the right path...the path of peace of mind, of love and affection, and now that he is about to turn 11 years old I am hoping that he will grow closer to me instead of away from me. I know how teenagers can be.

Lately I have been going through my own issues realizing that I have to cope with them in order to be a better mom to Griffin. I must love myself first and give to myself, and let go of fear in order to truly love anyone especially the most precious one of all.....Griffin Blaise. I've never been good at having relationships with anyone, I always seem to screw them up by saying all the wrong things or doing the wrong things if I do have Aspergers then it would be no surprise because I just cannot figure people out! I plan to get an evaluation soon because I think that it is important that I know and get help. I live in a shell hardly going out anywhere due to social phobias and it would be good to know the reason.

I signed Griffin up for swim classes and I am so excited for him, he is going to have so much fun because he loves the water. I have tried him in so many different sports but the only thing that he really likes is swimming. Got to go, Griffin is hungry yet again and Huge is about to come over for Intensive In Home.

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