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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Am So Proud Of My Young Man

Griffin had a first yesterday and I am so happy to brag about how proud I am of him and how much he has progressed and grown in just the past year alone...he is about to turn 11 on Thursday and he has certainly earned it! Yesterday he went into Subway to order his favorite sandwich, a 6" pizza sub on his favorite bread, with his favorite kind of orange cheese he likes to call it, a peanut butter cookie, a small drink, I handed him my wallet and he counted out the money himself change and all completely by if that doesn't make a mom proud of her son who is learning to be independent what does? I was careful to not say too much to him about it because he doesn't like too much verbal praise but I gave him as much as he would allow, telling him that his mom was proud of what a young man he has become and that he is so smart to be able to do something like that all by himself. Tessa, the RHA consultant or provider ( I really don't know the proper term to refer to them ), she told me that when she takes Griffin out that she likes to get him to do things independently too.

 Craig, also from RHA, told me that Griffin went into the pizza restaurant, the kind  where the customer can sit in the car and someone can run in and get the pizza in 5 minutes for $5.00. Craig sat in the car and Griffin 
said that he wanted to go in to get the pizza by himself because I was paying for it and he had the exact change, so he went in there totally unafraid and ordered the pizza and paid for it....he is growing up so fast!

I tried out an aqua movement class yesterday and it was nice, the people were very welcoming and non-judmental it seemed. They were all elderly and because it was a class for those of us suffering from chronic pain it was gentle movement and exercise/stretching. I hope to attend every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is a good way to get out of the house even though I am uncomfortable talking to them in a social manner maybe I can get through it and enjoy it anyhow.

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