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Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 2014

As much as I don't like to complain I must admit though that the past few months have been tough. However, things are looking up and I plan to focus on that not all that has gone awry. My health is tenuous because since July my blood pressure has been dangerously high and the doctor is not quite sure what has caused it. Griffin is definitely going through puberty as he is constantly testing me and sometimes it wears me thin but we always talk about things and get through it for the better. He is very intelligent and understands what I tell him it is easy to reason with him. You can see the map we have on the wall of Alaska in this picture.

My wonderful parents came to visit us the other day and we really enjoyed their company. My dad had a heart-to-heart with Griffin for quite a long while and had shared some wisdom with him. Griffin talked and talked being really exuberant in their conversation. When Griffin came out of the room he just hugged me and had a huge smile on his face. Dad said that he made it clear to Griffin that lying was very bad and Griffin promised him that he would be an honest person and since then he has tested me for sure but I call him on it and remind him about his promise. I enjoyed seeing both mom and dad having quality time with both of them. In this picture you can see how big Griffin has gotten as he towers over mom and dad. He is way bigger than I am probably around 5'8" tall and he is 176 lbs.

The date on this should be October 13, 2014. In fact, I wish that the date wasn't on it at all because it takes away from the beauty of it.

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