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Monday, October 27, 2014

Asperger's Teen Group Halloween Party

Griffin had a blast at the Halloween party Friday night so much so that he was completely comfortable singing and dancing in front of a crowd of kids and adults. I had so much fun watching him have fun. He didn't interact with any of the other kids but at the same time none of the other kids interacted with each other either. There were kids who were young but quite a few adults and teens on the spectrum. Griffin was dressed as a doctor but here he had already taken off most of his costume because he got hot. I talked to a girl who was about Griffin's age and she had brought some small characters whom she had made paper clothes for. She was so proud! I think that out of about 20 kids Griffin and this girl were the only ones who were completely comfortable being there. They were both being encouraged by us parents whereas the other kid's parents were just sitting there doing nothing.

I plan to take Griffin to future meetings of this teen Asperger's group because he had so much fun and it was great exposure for him. The guy who organized the whole event is so nice and inspiring as someone on the spectrum. I predict that great things are going to happen in our immediate and distant future.

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