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Friday, November 14, 2014

Griffin's First Climb

I was so proud of Griffin as he tried and tried for so long and finally here you can see that he had success in grasping the wall and holding himself up. I made the mistake of clapping for a couple of seconds and he went ballistic. He hates it when I praise him like that but in the moment I was so excited for him that I forgot, it was just automatic. I got him calmed down and he kept on trying but he wanted Nick to help him. Nick explained that he was only there to help him by telling him how to do it on his own that climbing is something that you have to do by yourself. Griffin is still working on his gross motor skills, on strengthening his core in OT and PT but has made a lot of progress.

I have been taking him swimming almost every day and it for three purposes, one because he loves it so much, two because it is excellent exercise, and last but not is the only thing that I have found to motivate him to get him to do the work for homeschool and unschool during the day. Now everything is so much easier.

My health is much better as I am doing yoga every morning eating healthier and little by little my health benefits are showing up. Right after I exercise my blood sugar and blood pressure go down. Eventually the benefits will be greater and I will be able to do more each day.


Autism's Love said...

Hey, Griffin looks really cool on the rock climbing wall!

Dawn Marcotte said...

It's nice to hear you are feeling better - Keep at it and you will be pleasantly surprised how good you feel in just a couple of weeks.