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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Seasons Change and So Must I

As I have discovered that the more improvements and changes of the goals in my that I make the more the negative influences in my life have with coping with it. Frankly, I don't give a damn! I am finally standing up for myself and my son and will not tolerate anyone known to us or not known to us to treat either of us with disrespect and disregard furthermore if he is not accepted for who he is NOW and not expected to change in order to accommodate others and their criticisms/judgments loving him unconditionally then there is no space left for you. All we have had is love and acceptance and in return we do not get the same. If there is no space in  your heart for unconditional love then there is no space in your life for us.

Life is a constant evolution of changes and seasons on and on therefore it is time that I move on and finally live in freedom from being judged as if I am a bad lazy parent who doesn't have any idea of what she is doing. As if I haven't been at this for almost 13 years, done my homework, been to all the therapies and doctors for his entire life. No more is he going to be judged for not living up to stranger's and relative's expectations. No more because my new life begins NOW and I am a mama bear and will not stand for it!

This mom has said it in her own words at:     as she describes that the hardest part of autism is not her son but other people and their judgments, their criticisms, their remarks , and advice. It is exhausting putting up with the daily BS from people and no one knows until they have walked a mile in our shoes.

I am not tolerating it from anyone anymore stranger or relative! The seasons are changing right now!

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D Marcotte said...

You are NOT a bad parent - I heard this from so many when we first started our autism journey - but the people saying that have no idea what your life is like.