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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Griffin and Hayley

Griffin really bonded with his cousin Hayley. Here they are after playing really hard in the hotel room the night before we left to come home. It is such a sweet picture but it makes me feel like crying because I know how much she must miss him and how much I miss her and the rest of my family. I am hoping that perhaps we will be able to visit them again in the fall because it is just too hard to be away from them even though I know it is for the best, for Griffin's sake. I have checked into some of the schools that are private in Western North Carolina and I simply would not be able to afford sending Griffin to one. I am considering moving to Wisconsin where my friend Amy lives. She has sent me information on the school system and the services available to children with autism there. So far it seems to be really good but I'll have to see if they are comparable to the system here in Alaska.
Griffin just got home from school is he is a wild boy today! He is running around in circles and laughing his little head off while watching Zoboomafoo. It seems that the trip has had little to no effect on him and that really makes me glad. He never stopped being himself the entire time that we were gone and is still the same ol' happy little camper that he usually is. Check back again soon, maybe tomorrow even, because I will be posting more pictures from the trip.


JodiTucker said...

Welcome home! I wish I could tell you more about services for autistic kids in the NE Ohio area, but I am unsure except to know that we have services in the district where I teach (Cuyahoga Falls City Schools----just north of Akron, south of Cleveland). I know the mum of one of our girls is happy with our school. J is in regular ed. (second grade) most of the time with an attendant and doing well as far as I know. I see J for music class. I'm sure there are tons of questions to ask that I am unaware of. Again, welcome back to Alaska!!

Melissa H said...

What a beautiful picture. I'm so glad that Griffin did so well on the trip! We haven't taken Conor anywhere except to my parents' house (2 and 1/2 hours away) for fear that it would be a nightmare.
Hooray for happy days!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Lora and Griffin,
so glad to hear Griffin managed the trip and the visit so well.

Teague said...

I found your blog by randomly going through them. I do it when I have too much time and not enough to do. If I find one I like, I stop by and read it from time to time. The word "Autism" made me look twice because I fit or used to before my parents "fixed" me by making me change things that were natural and comfortalbe for me, I met enough of the criteria for Asperger's syndrome that I might have been labeled that if things had worked out differently during the process of trying to put me in a box. It might have been one I would have fit into fairly well, which is as well as I have ever fit into any box. Griffin seems like a good kid. I'm glad the trip went well.

KCsMom said...

Hi Lora!
Awwwww look at those two! That is so cute! I am so happy you two are home and that the trip was great!

Your friends,
Tina and Boys

Kiralea Powell said...

Your family are all so good looking. What a awesome picture and goes to show how comfortable he felt being around the family.
My eyes swell with tears because he looks so happy.

Take care
hugs always kiralea