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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We Are Here in South Carolina

It is our second day here in S.C. and the weather is beautiful. The long flight was grueling because I didn't sleep a wink. Griffin did sleep, however, because I had given him the medication so it made it better for him and easier for me. He did wake up during our layover in Minneapolis but sat quietly in the stroller as we waited for our next flight. Abby got lots of attention from the flight attendants and the captain even called ahead to Minneapolis to make sure that there would be someone there to take Abby outside to do her business. Sure enough, by the time I walked in, the gate agent greeted me and let me know that there would be a man coming to take Abby out. He showed up a few minutes later and took her out but she wouldn't do anything so he told me that he would be back to try again later. After only several minutes he had returned, took her out again with success this time. I am so grateful to the people of Northwest Airlines for their kindness and consideration of Abby, Griffin's service dog. It has been so very nice to see my parents again after 4 long years it means the world to me. Griffin has made the adjustment quite well and has shown no signs of ill behavior due to being away from familiar surroundings. He loves my mom and dad and has warmed up to them with great ease. My parents are simply thrilled to no end with his presence here, giving him lots of love and attention. I had much rather go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather and go spend time with my family than to be in here on this computer but I wanted to let my dear friends know what's going on here. We send all of you lots of hugs and smiles and hopefully I will have figured out the camera situation by the time I post next.


Teague said...

Griffin sounds like a great kid. I'm glad your trip is going well.

Melissa H said...

Glad to hear that the flight went so well and that Griffin is bonding with your parents. Enjoy the rest of the trip and our beautiful southern weather!

KCsMom said...

Hi Lora and Griffin and Lora's Parents,

So glad to hear from you! I was worried about you guys and so happy to see you are fine:) Enjoy the beautiful weather and tell Griffin we said "hi"! Did Griffin get a chance to look out the window inside the airplane

Amara said...

I am so glad the trip went smoothly. HUGS to you both, enjoy your trip and tell your mom hi for me. :)

Felicity said...

so glad that you're in SC gettin' and givin' good juju love with family.
Hope the rest of the trip goes well.

JodiTucker said...

Have a delightful time with the family in SC!!

Mr Ornery said...

Now all you need to remember are two words; relax and enjoy.

supermom said...

I was just talking to my kids about you. The Comedian is studying the scientific aspect of The Northern Lights. I told them about Griffin and how he is very similar to their brother. Then I told them you were moving and came here to see how it was going.

Glad to hear all is going smoothly. It will be great for you guys to be with family. I wish I could be with mine, but Puerto Rico doesn't have the services The Little One needs and it deons't help that some of my kids don;t speak Spanish!

Well, enjoy!