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Friday, August 11, 2006

Mommy's not doing so well

Here's Griffin and Pisgah just hangin out together, Griffin is being kind of goofy for the camera. Lately he has been doing fairly well but I on the other hand have been doing , well...........kind of weird. I have been taking my medications for my Bipolar Disorder but they haven't been working that well for me. One of the two meds has been causing me to just feel really really strange. I feel like I am over-medicated. I have been told by numerous individuals that my movements are really really slow and that I talk slow too in fact, I do everything slow and that there is a stiffness about my movement too. I go to see my ANP on Friday the 11th so we shall see what she says about what to do about these darn medications. I have to have the daytime meds to keep my moods stable and I need the nighttime meds to help me to sleep otherwise I will become a manic insomniac who is on a constant roller coaster ride. If I don't have my meds I simply cannot take care of Griffin because I am such a mess. Even with the meds lately with the way I 've been feeling, it is a struggle to take care of him day in and day out now that he is out of school. I get no kind of break whatsoever. My respite provider, Stephanie, has not been available. I am going to call Kathleen and see if she will be able to help me out just for a short while so that I can have a break. The weather is still quite mild with the temperatures in the 60's and we have had quite a bit of rain this summer. We were still able to go to the playground for awhile today and play.


Mr Ornery said...

Here's hoping Kathleen can either give you a break or line up somebody Griffin will relate well with so you can take at least a few hours for yourself.

Melissa H said...

I have thought about you just about every day. There is a little boy in Conor's class named Stephen who reminds me so much of Griffin.
I'm so sorry that you're in a downswing right now. Maybe it has to do with your bipolar disorder, but WOW -- I'm always inspired by you that you take care of Griffin all on your own. That is a huge stressor and I pray that you get that much needed and deserved break. Having children is exhausting enough. Special needs kids require a whole new definition of patience. HUGS.

JodiTucker said...

Lora...............praying for you right now.....for peace and proper meds.......If I were in AK, I'd come over to help right now, but OH is not real close and flying is cautionary these days with the global news from England.....again, praying....Jodi

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

I'm sorry that your meds are making you feel so weird. That must be really scary. Hopefully your Dr. can help explain why you are feeling this way.

It also makes for a long summer if you do not have any respite no matter how much you love your children.
I will be praying for you and hope you pull through this :o)


Sabrina said...

Lora, you are an inspiration really. As if it isn't difficult enough to make it through each day when we are feeling fine, it is twice as difficult to make it through when not feeling well. Call on someone that you trust for some help. Even for an hour or two. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Hi Lora, it would be great if Kathleen could look after Griffin for awhile. I hope and pray the the ANP can get your meds straightened out so you can feel better. Hugs to you and your beautiful Griffin. I wish I were closer to you, I would love to have Griffin over to hang out with K.C. and Big Brother! You are an awesome Mommy Lora and great friend. Hang in there girl!

Tina and Boys

Sam I Am said...

So sorry the things are kind of yuck right now. I pray the meds get adjusted to help you best and that you get some help with Griffin. Take care of YOU!!! Thinking and praying for you!!!

NebraskaMommy25 said...

HUGS Lora! I have been there! Hang in there, things always seem to brighten up eventually.