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Friday, August 04, 2006

On the way to swimming

Griffin had his last day of ESY(extended school year) yesterday and now the challenge begins. I must find ways to keep him occupied and keep my sanity too. An example of how tough it can be to keep him occupied and happy in a constructive way would be the example of what happened on Wednesday on the way to swimming. We passed by Best Buy where the week before we had gone in to look at some headphones but ended up buying a dvd for him. So, of course he remembered and instead of wanting to go swimming he all of a sudden wanted to go into the store to get a movie. He had a major meltdown, I had to practically drag him down into the dressing room and it took what seemed like forever for Gayle and me to get him undressed and put his swim diaper on. Gayle finally got him into the pool and he was still crying. I left for awhile to take Abby for a walk and when I returned he seemed to be enjoying himself but not to the fullest because he was still crying off and on. He didn't stop crying until we were headed toward the upstairs of the club and he was all better when we got to the vending machine where he announced that he wanted some Cheetos. I got Griffin the Cheetos and he had already forgotten all about Best Buy and getting a movie. We went home and he was fine for the rest of the day. Next week I am going to take a different route to the pool, one where he cannot see Best Buy on the way there. Whew, what a frustrating day that was! Take care my friends and I hope that all is well with you.


Mamaroo said...

I have been in similar meltdown situations. All we can do is plan the best we can like you are with taking a different route. I am glad to hear the Cheetos made him feel better. Food is always a good distraction.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Lora do you think the route change will upset him more? K.C. loses it completely and panics if I change routes. Griffin may do ok with the change in routes though.

You are doing the right things Lora, we do the best we can as Mamaroo has said. Hopefully he'll be o.k. next time around.

Big Hugs to you and Griffin,

Tina and Boys

Melissa said...

Joshua is like KC - one change in route can set him off. I even have to hope and pray that I can park on the top floor of the parking garage for therapy or really prep him for the change if I know that his sessions are going to be during the busier times of the day. As you said, it is frustrating, and if it is like it is with Josh, it is also exhausting. I really hope next week goes better for you both.

Ann said...

Lora just remember you mother has said there would be days like this they happen to all of us even as adults, we have our own meltdowns. So we must be thankful for all the good days because they are well worth a bad one once in awhile. Griffin is a happy child and he is a special sonshine. You are doing a great job being a special mom.

Mr Ornery said...

Looks like Griffin isn't the only one who has meltdowns. I started to post a comment and Blogger decided that your comments section suddenly 'could not be displayed', this while I was typing. Maybe Griffin would like to Doodle again, at least for a little while. (And now Blogger is throwing a tantrum and doesn't want to let me comment.)

mommyguilt said...

Like Ann & Mr Ornery said, meltdowns happen to all of us...swing on by and read about mine yesterday. I spared everyone the details, but suffice it to say, I was a mess over something totally petty....angry, sad, pouting, got myself so worked up I couldn't sleep (paying dearly for it today).

SmallBoy usually route changes well, but while on the new route, he'll tell you "the OTHER way" to get to your destination.

Glad your frustrating day is over. Exhale now.

Sabrina said...

Meltdowns seem to happen quite often these day on this end. I totally understand how difficult it is to have to think about ways to constantly keep the peace. Stay strong and hang in there.