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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pictures of Griffin

Griffin had a great first day of school according to Kathleen (his teacher) and mommy had a great day too. It certainly helped that the sun was out all day and that we had NO RAIN!!! Here are some really great pictures of Griffin, I especially like them because they are black and white. I like the one on the bottom because it shows Griffin's goofy side being a ham for the camera and the top one I am particularly proud of because it just turned out great. Photography is a hobby of mine and having a great subject such as Griffin sure makes it easier to get some really good pics. That's all for now, hope everyone is having a splendid day.


K.C.'sMommy said...

Oh Lora he is so so adorable, just delicious! He really looks like his Mommy:) I love the black and white photo! What gorgeous eyes!

Melissa said...

Beautiful photos! And the photo of you below is beautiful as well. It's so nice t see you. I'm so glad Griffin had a great first day. :)

mommyguilt said...

Ok, that settles and the G-man MUST MUST MUST move to Chicago. I need you as our band photographer! Not to mention that SmallBoy would LOVE to have Griffin as a playmate! Thanks for stopping by the myspace and giving a listen. Now I can say we've been played in Alaska!

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lora,

It was so good to see your face. You look so beautiful! I have missed you tremendously. I have been going through some issues and was in the hospital for awhile. I felt like I shouldn't contact you right now, because I didn't want to put my problems on you..... I would love to see you and my little man.
please call me and lets go have coffee.
Take care and god bless! I miss you two soooo much....
Love, Sheila

Jenn said...

He is gorgeous Lora - I love the pic with the shades on!