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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just Waiting

I'm just waiting now until it's time to do the last minute packing and cleaning. Griffin is doing well, no more signs of him knowing that something is up. He's been acting quite himself, the happy little camper that he is, and still showing signs of great progress. Today he is a bit hyper but I am glad that he is active and playing well on his own because we are staying inside all day due to the freezing cold temps. It's a good thing that there's not much to do because I am feeling really unmotivated today. I should be doing something productive but instead I am going to catch up on reading/commenting on all your blogs. I have missed reading what's going on in your lives and with your kiddos. Lately, I have been feeling anxious and stressed out over this move especially the closer it gets to the 2nd day of December. I worry too much, I'm sure but I can't help but wonder if I will get my stuff done in time and have my apartment cleaned out in time to get my deposit back. That's $700.00 I could certainly use as I will have no income once we are in South Carolina. I worry too that Griffin is going to have a major meltdown once we are on the airplane and I won't have any help unless complete strangers help me like last flight we had back in April when we went to go visit my family. We shall see I suppose, I can only hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, that's my philosophy anyways. As I mentioned before, it is exceptionally cold here and clear/sunny which is always conducive to a good mood but not so easy on the body since the clear skies make it even colder. We haven't had any fresh snow for weeks now and I would like to see some nice new powder before we leave so that I could get some great pictures and because it tends to be warmer when it snows.


Melissa said...

Wow! Not much longer for you guys! I hope the flight and move aren't too stressful for the two of you. And I also hope you get some snow, since you are wanting it. :) Good luck with everything!

Melissa H said...

I didn't realize how quickly the move was going to happen! I'll be saying prayers for you and Griffin. If he has a meltdown, he has a meltdown. Don't stress over it because we can't stop our kids from feeling the way that they feel, you know? You're a wonderful mommy and I know that God has amazing plans for you two! LOTS OF LOVE!!!!