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Friday, January 05, 2007

All is Well

Here my Mom and Griffin are eating pumpkin pie, Mom called it a "pie party", in case you notice, Griffin has a pair of goggles on top of his head. I have spoken with the assistant principal and the teacher of the school Griffin is to attend to resolve some of the issues that I had with the program. I feel better now that I have talked to them and have been assured that they would follow my guidelines and respect my wishes as I had described in the IEP meeting. There will be no use of the Rifton chair for any other purpose than to help my child have a place to sit still and be organized. I am going to go in and observe early on and see exactly how Griffin reacts to the use of this chair. I am going to see how well Griffin does in a thirty minute circle time too because I think that it is just too long for him. I have decided to give it a try and see how it goes because Griffin does need to socialize even if it is only for 2.5 hours a day. There is no other classroom available to him at this age, the school system here does not accomidate 4 yr. olds in an all day setting. Griffin must wait until next school year in order to be able to go to an all day program which really really stinks! He deserves so much more and I am sure that he would do a lot better in a longer program but I knew that there would be a price to pay for moving and sure enough I am not surprised at all. What I can do is to check into other private programs/schools that might support what it is that Griffin needs. I called to get private Speech Therapy but there is a long waiting list and I don't think that there will be an opening anytime soon (he will be getting speech at the school). At least he will get O.T. and soon so that is something to get excited about. It is raining here and is in the mid 60's so it is a warm rain which I absolutely love and it is around -3 in Anchorage right now so I am not missing it too much right now even though there is tons of snow and I know that it is absolutely gorgeous which I do miss.


mcewen said...

It's a pity that the clinicians don't tell you [during the lengthy diagnoses period] to put your name down on all the waiting lists.
There again, I suppose that would be unethical, it's just frustrating that by the time you get through the initial evaluation [however months that is] you've already missed months of 'waiting'.
Best wishes

KC's Mommy said...

Love the picture of Griffin and your Mom! He look so comfortable and so engaged! Way to go Grandma and Mom! Love the cute goggles Griffin is wearing!

mommyguilt said...

Hey doll -

Griffin looks so happy with Grandma! Glad to hear that the chair is not going to be used for restraint....that was just, well, wrong. But I wanted to tell you, I was just surfing myspace and added a friend in Columbia, SC who has a son and a daughter w/ autism, her son, I think, is 4. I tried to message her to send her this way to meet you, but my computer here at work is having myspace issues again. Check her out.


Peggy Lou Morgan said...

This is my third attempt to leave a comment. Hopefully they won't all show up. Moving and adjusting to new programs is a major struggle for all concerned. Sounds like you and Griffin are both doing great.

speechmom said...

Hi (Again), I agree with you about the chair. I never used them.