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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Griffin Had His O.T. Eval Today

Today we met Lauren, Griffin's new O.T. and it was an upside down session. He did not want to listen and do what she asked of him at all. As I quietly observed I wondered if the presence of myself and my Mom was making a difference so I asked her if she preferred for us to leave the room and she said that it was up to me and that I knew Griffin best. So, instead she left the room with him and I could hear him playing and laughing in the distance. He wouldn't put his shoes on for her nor for me or for my Mom. I began to think that perhaps it was because everything was so new and he may have felt overwhelmed or maybe he was just pushing buttons and seeing how much he could get by with......who knows? He was restless and acting very silly and I know for sure that he can do all the things that she asked of him but he flatly refused to do anything she asked especially when she asked. Lauren did recommend that Griffin have O.T. once a week for about 30-45 minutes. We would do it more often but there is a waiting list apparently and I guess that we are lucky to even get that much. Now I've got to get a referral from his new pediatrician for Speech and Language therapy. I do have some new pics of Griffin but I just haven't uploaded them to my computer yet........LOL What a lazy arse I am!!!


Melissa H said...

Oh yes, single mom who is running around getting services for your child in a brand new state. Yeah, you're so lazy. LOL

Griffins' OT session sounds exactly like Conor's first couple of OT sessions, right down to the being goofy and hamming it up part. He becomes a little comedian. Conor does the same thing every time he has a new service provider. I think Conor does it because it is a trust issue. I'm sure it will get better. :-)

Tina and Jayce said...

Hi Lora and Griffin,

I bet Melissa is right, it could be a trust issue since she is a new person for Griffin. I am so very glad he's going to be getting OT! It makes a huge difference in our kids lives:)
Lora you are an awesome Mommy to Griffin!