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Monday, February 05, 2007

Fun Depot

Last Saturday we celebrated Griffin's birthday by going to Fun Depot in North Carolina and he seemed to have a really good time. The place was packed and noisy but it didn't seem to phase him at all until the very end when he became restless and started to do the limp noodle bit. It was quite understandable that he would eventually become overwhelmed but he had lasted a few hours playing and running around just as a typical kiddo would. My sister's daughter was there and we got a picture of Griffin kissing her on the cheek unfortunately it was a pic taken in the portrait booth and I cannot share it with you but just the same it was an awesome picture. I am thrilled that he gave her a peck on the cheek because it was an interaction, I mean he actually touched her and in an affectionate manner too. Once Griffin started to show signs of fatigue and of being overwhelmed we went straight home and he zonked out before his meds even had time to kick in, must have been exhausted. All in all it was a great day and I am so grateful that my family was there to share such a special experience with us. I really think that Griffin has enjoyed being around the family, he seems to love the attention and affection. Even though things are not quite the same, the school is not as good, and the services, money and resources are not as good, I am still glad that we are here. Anchorage was good for many things this is true but there's nothing like having family and loving support which we did not have there. I do miss my friends considerably but I don't miss the endless days of darkness, frigid temperatures (that kept us inside all the time), and the tons of snow.......well, I do kind of miss the snow but not shoveling it and having to drive in it! Everything is a trade off and there's got to be a balance in life so instead of complaining about what I don't have I will just be grateful for what we do have and just love life in spite of it all.


mcewen said...

Real 'weather' is very over rated in my opinion. Glad that you're settling in and making new strides.
Cheers dears

A Bishops wife said...

I just found your blog. I have been enjoying it a agreat deal. My son "junior" is 5 and is autistic also. I am seeking some advice and a bit of help for a few problem areas we are having like "potty" and sleeping habits.

(I write too, but nothing as good as this. Alot of it is more or less nonsense--an escape I guess.)

I sometimes feel alone and different--as a family. After searching the blogs, however, I find that maybe we are not so different and alone after after all.

Marilyn K said...

I just want to wish Griffin a Happy Birthday and a great 5th year! Today it is cold again in Anchorage after a "fooler" of warm balmy weather. Back to the ice trekkers on the boots!! Glad you celebrated the day well!~ Marilyn

Melissa H said...

So glad that Griffin had such a great time for his birthday!!

I think that being close to your family is one of the best things you could have done, too. You had amazing early intervention for Griffin, so the foundation has already been laid. The rest can only add to it, even if it isn't as stellar as Alaska.

You sound so much happier too, Lora.

Anonymous said...

From Tina... Love the photo of Griffin with the glasses, too cute!
Awww, he gave her a kiss on the cheek! Griffin is just an awesome fella!!!
I agree, the move has been good for you guys. You are able to get out more and that is good for you both!
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