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Monday, March 19, 2007

Griffin Has Strep

I don't know what it is but ever since we got here in December Griffin has been so sick it seems one illness after another and now it is strep. He was never so sick in Alaska and certainly never had strep before. I don't know if it is because parents here have been sending their sick children to school or if he is picking it up at the grocery store. I need some ideas of what to do to get him to eat because the poor little fella just won't and can't seem to eat anything, I know that his throat hurts really bad but I've got to get the medicine in him somehow. The doc prescribed a medicine in capsule form and said that we could open it up and use the powder in food but if he's not wanting anything then I don't know how we're gonna get it in him. Thank goodness he is drinking lots of water and he hasn't lost any weight yet. So, if anyone has ideas of what kind of food to try that might entice him I would love to hear it. He is sleeping a lot which is good because he certainly needs the rest and his spirits are high in spite of all the pain he is in.......that's my little trooper!!!!


Jan B said...

When we moved here we got sick all the time. It was like we were used to the sickies in our old area and here it was all new to us. After two years we were much better. Most of ours was stomach related.

I hope that he feels better soon. We always mixed meds in with applesauce, but that might hurt his throat. Poor baby!

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Gabe had strep this weekend too. He didn't eat much either. He was given amoxicillian (sp?)and he likes how it tastes. Guess we lucked out this time.

Will Griffin eat ice cream? Can you put the powder in a little bit of apple juice and have him drink it? That's a tough one when their throats hurt :o(

I hope he feels better soon!
Hang in there!

A Bishops wife said...

My little Junior had strep in December. I know they get so sick. I hope he is better soon.

It is not a food but junior would eat "Itaian Ice" he liked the lemon flavor. It is a shaved, flavored ice in a cup.

I have found that it is best for me not to offer any thing too much when he is sick. He did eat crackers.

It will get better soon.
I will keep you both in my prayers.

gretchen said...

Awww poor Griffin. Henry will never eat when he has an ear infection or strep- that's my first clue that he has an infection, because he can't/won't tell me!

We are always given the liquid antibiotic and I squirt it into Henry's mouth with a syringe. He DOES NOT like it, but will usually go along- maybe because he is too weak to fight me :-(

I usually bribe him with candy or something afterwards, but he doesn't usually want to eat the treat anyway! Or sometimes I bribe him for the first dose with something big- like a new coloring book or dvd! (Yes, I spoil my child with bribes.) Whatever Griffin is most likely to respond to, maybe you could bribe him with that? I just can't stand to see them feeling sick!

Good luck.

tulipmom said...

I linked to your blog from Gretchen's, which I just discovered yesterday. My son is 6 and has Asperger's. After much difficulty with getting antibiotics down, we've finally stumbled on a solution: dumping the contents of the capsule in chocolate chip cookie dough. Works everytime! I hope your son feels better soon.

K.C.'s Blog said...

Bless his little heart, poor little fella! (((Hugs))) to you Griffin, handsome fella!
Strep is painful, I remember having it, ouch! The pediatrician gave Big Brother a penicillin shot and it took care of the strep pretty quickly.
If he doesn't take the meds maybe you could ask the doc to give him a shot instead because it would be so much easier on Griffin. I know the shot hurts but it's only for a second and it works alot quicker. His throat is probably just too sore :(
My heart goes out to you guys, he sure is a little trooper!

Janice said...

Poor Griffin :( Hope he's better soon.

Melissa H said...

UGH -- you dropped off my Bloglines. I wondered why I hadn't seen a post from you!

Poor Griffin! Conor and I just got over this, too. Conor didn't eat for about 3 days, but once the antibiotics kicked in, he gained his appetite back. We used liquid and it tasted like strawberry, so he drank it down. Hoping he's feeling better by now. :-(

MileMasterSarah said...

Sandis just had strep too!