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Friday, June 01, 2007

Going to N.C. and Some Really Good News!

We are doing great! Griffin had his first swim session with Ms. K and boy did she make him work hard! He loved it so much and is really at home in the water and has no fear which can be good but scary at the same time. Ms. K said that her main focus is on having him learn safety, to learn to go to the edge at all times just in case there is a situation in which he gets in trouble. Griffin seems to be learning to swim quite well, nowhere near doing it by himself but he's getting the hang of it anyhow. For the first time ever he was tired after swimming instead of being wired and over-stimulated like he used to be in Anchorage. Ms. K really got him to exercise and worked him hard for a good 45 minutes but he was smiling the entire time. I don't have pictures yet but as soon as I get them put on disc I will post them.

We are going to North Carolina today to see my sister and her daughter who just loves Griffin, she loves trying to play with him as he is still not really that interested in playing with her yet. We do good if he is takes turns and shares with her, we've been working hard on that, he's been having some difficulty with that.

I got some good news a couple of weeks ago, I was approved for my Social Security disability!!!! I am so grateful for that, it will be so nice to have some extra money to get the things that we need. I will now be able to get a car so we will have the freedom to move around and go out and about on our own. I have been relying on my Mom to take us everywhere and now that is finally going to change!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!

Change is such a good thing and I always welcome it and am now able to adjust to it much more easily especially since I now have a positive outlook on life and know that I will get all that I want and need.

It's getting quite hot and humid here and it makes me miss the summer weather in Anchorage because it is so perfectly wonderful and comfortable there, so green and pristine there, I just love it! Guess that's all for now, be back again soon to let ya know how our trip to N.C. goes.


Melissa H said...

What awesome news, Lora!!!

KC's Blog said...

So cool Lora! I am so happy for you and Griffin! Griffin is a little fish! It's amazing how Autistic kiddos just love the water so much! I can't wait to see your little swimmer!
Let us know how your N.C. trip goes!

I Beatrice said...

I came upon you by way of Lady Macleod's blog today, and am struck at once (among other things on your blog of course) by your close association with autism.

We too have autism in the family; in the persons of an 11-year-old girl who is my step-grand-daughter, and seems largely to have outgrown the condition - and a four-year-old boy who is my real grandson, and has not!

Perhaps we can share experiences some time? Though I have to beg you not to tell me about so-called Miracle Cures, since if we have learnt anything, we have learnt that that way lies heartbreak and despair...