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Sunday, April 12, 2009

One Must be Familiar with the Circumstances in Order to Form an Opinion

This link is for Anonymous who says that she is a teacher and to not blame the teacher for what has happened to Griffin. If you only take the time to read this blog you would know where we are coming from. You are apparently not familiar with what has happened and if you are and you are still saying that then something is very WRONG.

Just take a moment and read what I have written and the written material that his past teacher sent home with him and keep in mind that my son is autistic not Down Syndrome and not an Neuro-Typical child either.


Anonymous said...

I read the other site. I am not saying that the teacher your child had was a great teacher. You had every right to expect a behavior intervention plan that was followed. i do think you may have been overly sensitive to some of the things she wrote. As a teacher, I try to communicate clearly with parents but days are busy and often little time is left to write info. that needs to be sent home. I was not trying to say the teacher had no fault in this. We are all human and make mistakes. I just see a lot of parents getting defensive when teachers really are trying their hardest. This is not to say some teachers do not care and are ineffective. I have taught children with autism and am familiar with different disabilities. I have dealt with very severe behaviors. I know you tried to work with his prior teacher and am sorry the communication was not good. In a lot of schools the training and support for teachers is weak which means children may get a teacher not qualified. This is not just the teachers fault. Teaching is a difficult job and without a love for children, I would not think most teachers would last with all the demands there are. I am not saying you should not be an advocate for your child but please realize teachers are usually trying the best they know how for all children. Of course, there are exceptions.

Melissa H said...

Anon, I don't think that Lora asked for your two cents about how you feel as a teacher. She was writing about HER CHILD. Not a child that she teaches, but HER child. Until you walk a mile in our shoes, as parents of autistic children, there is no point in expressing your opinion. We're not interested in whether teachers were "trying their hardest". We have one and only one goal: to prosper our child.

Lora, don't waste one more minute trying to justify what you have done to support and defend Griffin, to help him get the fair and respectful treatment and education that he deserves BY LAW. You owe no explanation to ANYONE.
Furthermore, if you start reading comments from this person, I would hit the "delete" button as soon as you realize that it is the same person again. I've had my share of opinionated anonymous posters who don't even have the guts to step out from behind the keyboard as anything other than "anonymous".

You are an amazing mother and don't EVER let anyone try to make you doubt that.

Anonymous said...

Anon: The teacher was mentally abusive to this child plain and simple and should never claim to understand autism after clearly displaying her complete lack of knnowledge. Stop trying to defend her. I believe you said that you were retiring from teaching. I think that's the best for any kids you claim to teach and any parents who sadly fall for your line of crap.

kristi said...

Amen to Melissa's comment!