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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yahoooo!!! Somebody Sees My Side of Things and Tells the Truth

Anonymous wrote: (see what I wrote in the previous post about this comment)

Please stop blaming his past teacher. As a teacher of children with autism this will do you or your child no good. Educators may make mistakes but are not the cause of your child's behavior. When I see this with parents who have children with behavioral issues it is so frustrating and really helps noone.

April 05, 2009 11:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To clueless Anon.- what is frustrating are "teachers" who are teaching kids on the spectrum who have NO CLUE. If you read closely regarding this case in particular that teacher had no behavior plan for this child, no clue how to break down skills and teach in an errorless manner using positive behavior practices (which is required by FEDERAL LAW) and she used extremely reactive and punishing procedures. "Teachers" such as that should stop pretending to understand how to teach kids on the spectrum and should STOP denying the kids FAPE under IDEA. Furthermore, there is an old saying in good ABA teaching in particular (and in all methods of teaching kids on the spectrum)--when a child is having problems "look to the teaching, not the child" meaning it is up to the teacher or therapist to have a complete understanding of behaviors and erroless teaching and be delivering it in a way so the child is successful. Teachers who have no clue to the extensive needs of autism spectrum children end up increasing their behaviors and then who do they blame? The child of course. Really, do the kids a favor and get out of the industry. You are destroying the kids who need experienced instructors.

April 05, 2009 2:13 PM

To clueless anon. Please read the other message I posted and get the hell out of the industry if this is your attitude towards parents and their children on the spectrum!


kristi said...

That is like TC's school nurse...she is a piece of work. She sent me a note saying, "Have you seen Tony's skin??"

He has eczema and I had already scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist, but she was already passing judgment on me. Asking me had I seen his skin??

Naaahh bitch..he lives alone and drives himself to school. DUH.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I said nothing insulting and was hit with cursing and telling me to get out of teaching. You know nothing about me. Your reaction proves my point.

Anonymous said...


You were completely insulting and are completely wrong when you say "please don't blame the past teacher". Did you even bother to read how the past teacher dealt with and treated this child? For you to also claim that the behavior is "not the fault of the teacher" is ridiculous and shows your complete lack of experience with autism. That teacher had no clue to behavior intervention and not only increased behavior but punished this child over and over again when his behavior naturally escalated due to HORRIBLE teaching and a horrible teacher. Get off your high horse and quit blaming the kids. You may think you have experience but you clearly don't. Lawyers rip teachers like you apart in due process everyday and win...for good reason!