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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Child Is Blessed By Autism

We started out the day early in the afternoon by going to the creek to take a dip while the gettin' was good and the temperatures are still hot before summer is over. Griffin is venturing farther out each time we go in the water and I am on shore. It is a good thing that the water is shallow because I get paranoid since there is no way of getting to him in a hurry with all the stones that are in the floor of the creek bed. All the same I do tell him to stay close by even though he was not a good listener so I had to roll up my pants and go in myself to monitor him and to get him to come in closer. The water was just deep enough that if he had fallen and couldn't get up that he could potentially drown so I wasn't taking any chances. I have to admit that the water felt really good and I am glad that I got in because it was so refreshing.

I didn't know that my niece's birthday party that we were supposed to go to later in the day was going to be a pool party but it was a pleasant surprise and Griffin loved it! It was hot out and a perfect afternoon for being in the pool, I wish that I had had my swimsuit because I was under an umbrella and was still quite hot. Griffin was in the pool alone most of the time but he didn't care and that is one of the nice things about autism is that our children can entertain themselves without needing other children around. Yes, there were other kids, girls, but Griffin wasn't interested and even if he were a typical child he wouldn't have been interested because they were all girls and then he would have felt lonely but he didn't because he is blessed! Yes, I do tend to see it that way. I do tend to see it as being blessed because he is not cursed.......there are far more ways that he is blessed by autism than he is not.

I choose to see the positive side of autism and that my child is blessed by it! Controversial? Perhaps.


Casdok said...

That creek looks great fun - C would love it!
And like you i also choose to see the positive sides of my son :)

The Autism Princess said...

I too believe it to be a blessing! The other day I found a tomato in my shower and had to laugh because there aren't too many times in your life that you will walk into the shower and find one tiny tomato sitting on the ground. My darling Lola keeps my life interesting. She never fails to surprise us all. I get to experience life from an entirely different perspective. I'm grateful for all the things I learn from my amazing 2 yr old! You are an amazing mom! Always have hope in your heart!

dluvscoke said...

I love that you choose to see the positive side of autism!

I think my son (with autism) helps me see a deeper meaning in everything.