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Friday, February 18, 2011


I finally got a meeting scheduled with Griffin's teacher for Tuesday and I have my list of things that I want to cover: anxiety, gestural stereotypy, stuttering, communication, and observing Griffin in his classroom. I am going to also make sure that we schedule the next IEP meeting for March, the last one was on March 25th so it may be too soon.

I have been having a lot of anxiety lately and feeling overwhelmed by this Literature class and just by life in general which is not anything unusual for a bipolar person, it doesn't take much to overwhelm me and confuse me. Sometimes I feel like I have a lower IQ due to the medications that I take because life is such a struggle for me intellectually and with common sense. You would not believe how long it takes me to simply post in this blog and to feel comfortable with its content, and how many times I go back and edit it before I finally publish it.

Yesterday I lost my keys because apparently I left them in the door of the car and drove off. Now how freakin idiotic is that? I swear I have lost my memory and am on the way to Alzheimers or dementia or at least that is how I feel! Like this post, and many others, I will write it and then as soon as I am done I will remember what else I wanted to put in it or hours later I will remember. That is just ridiculous to me! Does anybody else do that or am I alone on this one? If I don't write things down right away then I will forget it for days and not remember things when I need to.


Heather said...

Oh hun, you need to pour yourself a glass of wine! You aren't the only one who does that. I am forever going into a room and forgetting why I went there in the first place. And as far as schooling goes, I second guess myself on everything and am forever thinking I'm not smart enough for that. I have to write list and even then I will forget something on it. My husband is the same way and is a very smart guy. I am forever calling him dingy because he forgets things just like me :) - We live in a busy world and we have a lot chugging through our brains, don't be so hard on yourself and I will eat my words and try to do the same! hugs!!!!

Lora said...

@Heather, Thank you for your support, I sure do need it! Your hugs are especially appreciated!!

jazzygal said...

Oh Lora. I agree with Heather! You are so not alone. My nickname, when I was Younger was Valzheimers!! And nothing has happened to change that over the years. I forget EVERYTHING all the time.

See, it's like this, we women always do too much. We multitask. We're mothers, housekeepers, organisors, wives or partners. We have so much to juggle. Throw in a special needs kid- and the fact that some have to do it all ON THEIR own- and it's no surprise we forget stuff!

And when we throw in something else that we may want to do for our own interests, to enhance our self esteem... like a course for you and a panto for me...and it's no wonder we get overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed at times during the panto and seriously doubted my abilities.

Oh...and I always check and double check my blog posts before hitting that very scary Publish button! ALWAYS.

No Lora, rest assured you're not alone. Again I agree with Heather... glass of wine alround :-)

xx Jazzy

Lora said...

@Jazzy, I guess that you make a good point that it is easy to get overwhelmed when there is so much to do all the time. Thanks a bunch Hun, I think that I will have that glass of wine after all!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Overwhelmed is a word I use a lot to describe how I feel (It was in the about me bit of my blog at first but then I felt it sounded too negative). And I worry terribly about blog posts, whether anything I write is going to upset someone or libel someone or cause other consequences. Usually I write it one day and review it the next...and change it a lot! So you're not alone xx