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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Everything Is Great and Everything Is Lake?

Griffin came up with the title of the post. Isn't it great?

Griffin and I are finally sleeping!!!! I told the doctor what was working as far as the medications go, and she finally agreed with me that he could tolerate them and if that is what worked to get him to sleep through the night and to get up on time for the bus then go for it. Now he is not sleeping in class either so that is wonderful.

Not much else is going on except that I have been writing a lot more, I submitted my second article on anxiety to It's at: : if you just click on the link it should take you straight there. So far nobody has left any comments which is a bummer! Writers always want feedback on the opinions of their work, after all the work is being published for the public and for their information/education....why not let us know how we are doing?

Everything at home is copacetic because Griffin and I are getting along just great, there's no worries and I am as happy as a clam doing what I do at home alone only going out when I need to or desire to, I don't go out and do things just because someone recommended it and put pressure on me. I have Aspie friends now who understand me and talking to them for a short while is all I need for company......other than Griffin of course.

Some people still won't believe that I have Asperger's and still believe that I am bipolar but that is not my problem. If I am to be judged by a neurotypical who doesn't even try to understand me then it is their loss not mine. I am going to live my life as I see fit without unsolicited advice on how to raise my child in which they do not understand either and Griffin and I will live happily ever after.

I don't appreciate being lied to and treated as though I am a child, I am a very intelligent individual who has always taken care of myself no matter how tough the situation.....more than you care to admit. I know what is going on with your lies and deceit but I play dumb just to be a mimic as I have lived my whole life for your sake not mine. It will not last this way because I will not have my intelligence insulted.....JUST STOP IT and leave me alone. I am so tired of playing your games, it is not genuine to me and if you don't believe in me and my son then there is no place for you in our lives. I AM NOT DEPRESSED OR BIPOLAR, I HAVE AUTISM!!!!Why can't you admit that?

You know who you are!

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DeeAnn Lancaster said...

I did not know you have Asperger's! Is this something you found out recently? I'm sorry that I haven't been following your blog as closely as I'd like. Life is crazy busy sometimes with my own children, but you certainly understand that! Big Hugzz to you. :)