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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Griffin Is In A Deep Slumber And I Am Finding My Way Home

Griffin and I are having intensive in home care along with a new psychiatrist whom I like very much. They are very attentive to Griffin's needs and to mine as well because after all, "If mom ain't happy ain't nobody happy!" Just an ole hillbilly saying that I do not use but I have often heard used when growing up here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

This is all after an incident of Griffin actually hitting a doctor who subsequently refused him treatment saying that he was too unstable and that if he didn't go to the hospital immediately that he wouldn't treat him until he became stable. Well, Griffin had been waiting 2 hours patiently with little to do, in fact I was proud of him for not having a meltdown sooner but finally after the PA expected him to sit quietly for too long.......he began to pace then he ran across the office building straight towards the doctor who shusshed him and told him "NO!" (Big mistake!) that was his trigger and Griffin made a bee line and hit him right in the arm. I can't say that the doctor deserved it but he certainly should have known better as an autism expert not to trigger a child with autism who is having a meltdown and make things worse. Then he had no compassion for him and refused treatment when if he truly cared he would have seen that it is children like Griffin who are the ones who need the most help right away. I was so frustrated, we just left and I called the intensive in home team for support.

Now Griffin is stable as far as his behavior goes but we just cannot seem to create a balance between his waking time....which is very short and his sleeping time which is taking over his life. We are weaning him off the Risperdal (thank goodness) his appetite is finally normal again. He is on Geodon now which is for his psychosis and to help him get to sleep which is a big problem, he is on melatonin as well but the problem is he cannot GET to sleep at night then he wakes in the morning eats, stays up awhile then goes back to sleep until about 1:00 p.m. or even later and there is no waking him.

It is truly a conundrum! I am in a fog about it and frankly I believe that everyone is as well. I have insomnia really bad and have to take medication for it or I will stay up for days and my dad has it too. I know that in Aspies it is pretty common to have insomnia or rather should I say in auties too (autism individuals).

I wanted to add that I am starting a new Facebook page that just has Aspies and Auties on it and things connected to it such as support groups, links, and pages order to reduce the anxiety in my life and to find the support and help that I need and desire from those who care about my sensitivities, those who understand that I have feelings too and who treat me with respect as an adult who is a responsible single mom of an autistic child giving me credit for that as well. I have already found that in these people, they listen to me instead of me being the one to always be the one who listens. I find great comfort in someone showing interest in what interests me, perhaps something that we may have in common or even if she just takes a moment to be genuine and honest. This is what I appreciate in Aspies, honesty and being straightforward. I am starting a new life and endeavor to embark on new beginnings, a new journey.....and it is exasperating!

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