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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Newly Published Article in Depression and Its Many Faces

Depression and Its Many Faces  is the link to the article that I wrote on the website It is about the different types of depression and a bit about the signs and symptoms. I will go into more detail about those in a subsequent article coming up soon. I have lived depression off and on for many years of my life sometimes destitute and sometimes with a spouse in my life. Both ways are just as lonely and dark, hopeless, and bleak. All I know is that what it takes to get someone out of depression depends on the individual but it usually means a great deal of patience, putting up with things that you shouldn't take personally such as harsh words and the person pushing you away, and perhaps the individuals alcohol or drug abuse. I hope you leave comments and let me know what you thought of it.

The latest news on the home front is that we went to see Griffin's psychiatrist yesterday and it was quite productive, we made some medication changes but after last night I found out that it wasn't going to work. The doctor took away the Clonidine because I needed to add Tenex in the afternoon for his ADHD because his behaviors were getting out of hand. She said that the drugs were so similar that it wasn't necessary to have them both on board. Well.....I tried just the Tenex in the afternoon and it worked but come bedtime it was just melatonin, Risperdal .5mg, Depakote 500 mg and that was all hence NO SLEEP! He was hyper. I fed him protein and had him lie down in the dark quietly to no avail. So I had no choice but to try one Clonidine....45 minutes later still awake so it was 10:00 and I thought this is ridiculous, I am giving him the other Clonidine and within 15 minutes he was fast asleep.

He went to school today for the first time in awhile, he had told me in confidence that he was scared of going back to school because he was afraid of doing science. He said that his science teacher Mrs. Boggs, who I think takes no interest in him, doesn't understand him and that she won't listen to him. Griffin said that the work was too hard and the math too. These are his regular education classes (inclusion classes with his peers). He obviously does not feel comfortable in there but in the IEP meeting the staff did not mention a thing about Griffin having any problems in his classes and I am not aware because the (bleeping) teachers won't communicate with me on a daily basis and let me know what is going on with him. I don't know if he is sleeping, eating or hungry, acting out or having calm behavior, he doesn't bring home school work so I don't know what kind of work he does in school or even his art work....NO REPORTS.  So they say that they are going to put it on the IEP when we were in the meeting but LOW and BEHOLD .....there was no such written words as: we are going to communicate to mother on a daily basis through e-mail.....on the IEP..!

So now we are going to have to have yet another IEP because that document follows him to his next school next year and I want to know what is going on with him during his day for many reasons not just about his medications and behaviors but for his emotional well being, his educational needs. I need to know if his needs are being met because if the school is not doing it then I have to consider other options.

Today I have to call the doctor and ask her if it is okay to go ahead and give the two Clonidine since those two were the magic bullets. I finally got sleep because he didn't wake up in the middle of the night so I think that I got about 7 hours since I was able to take my medications for sleep. If I don't then I only sleep about 4 hours.

Please leave comments here and/or at and let me know how I am doing. Thanks for dropping by and reading for the first time or for following are greatly appreciated!

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