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Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanks To You For Your Support

I can't let another day pass without sending out my great appreciation to all of you who have supported me by leaving comments and words of encouragement on my blog. Perhaps it seems like no big thing to you to do something so small but to me it is a big deal. At the risk of sounding pitiful I do sometimes feel isolated way up here in Alaska far away from my family and I get pretty lonely at times. I am guilty of being a hermit and not going out as much as we really should (I don't do well socially) but I am working on it for Griffin's sake.

But........the good news is that I have all of you incredible moms and dads who show me support and write wonderful blogs which lends me support by helping me feel less alone. You may not realize it but each time you leave a comment I get teary eyed because it touches me to know that other people really do care. I would like to add that the same goes for those of you whom I have met through the autism forum(listed on the blogroll). I love exchanging ideas, information, and stories with you. You all have helped me a lot when I was in a rough spot and had nowhere else to turn.

This blog is cathartic for me it helps me to express myself and to channel my otherwise useless energy into something constructive in hopes that my stories might help someone else to feel less alone/lonely. I have found a new family here in this community and I'm ever so grateful to have met all of you and I truly do look forward to reading your comments and your blogs. I have even met one mom who is bipolar also and has an autistic son just like me! I was sure that there was not anyone else out there like me, I mean what are the chances?

I am still working on my blogroll and adding as many of your blogs that I can to it, I wish that I knew how to do a separate blogroll just for the individual blogs, If anyone has advice on how I can do this I would really appreciate it. There are so many nice looking blogs out there and I just don't understand how it is done with all the neat little pictures and all the different lists. Oh well, it is a piece of work in progress I guess.

Thanks again to all of you, you really do make my day and put a big smile on my face!


Tina said...

Hello Lora,
You are helping many families with your blog. There is so much great information in your blog I am learning so much from reading it! Thank you for sharing your blog with us, you are right, it is like big family! A family who understands and offers kind words and helpful information when we need it most:)

MomOf2 said...

You help families of all dynamics, with your blog. You write about a life that takes persistence and drive and patience. I wanna be like you when I grow up.