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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Results of my sleep study/Dick and Jane

As it turns out the hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness) that I have is the results of my medication, the doc said that I am taking way too much (twice the recommended dosage) because the sleep study showed that I am getting adequet sleep and do not have obstructive sleep apnea. The nap study showed that I am indeed excessively sleepy during the day because it took me only an average of 6 minutes to go to sleep/nap. So, I will go to see my ANP on Tuesday and adjust my medication and see if we can nip this stuff in the bud.

While we were shopping I picked up a Dick and Jane book to see if Griffin could read it and sure enough he was reading it like a pro, no real surprise there but he read it with such fluency now, THAT surprised me! I couldn't decide whether I should get it or not but finally figured that if he read it with such ease then he would likely get bored with it so I didn't get it. Besides, I am not sure that he was understanding what he was reading which is equally as important as the reading is. Maybe I will look for something that is a bit more challenging and has more meaning to it that is relevant to his life/living. I believe that a book that talks about practical everyday stuff would have more meaning than "Help Jane Help, Help, Help." Some of the pharses were relevant to his life but in general it wasn't. If anyone has a suggestion of a book or books that would be useful and have relevant words in it I would greatly appreciate it. I am thinking about just writing a book with words about his day to day life and throwing in some really challenging words here and there.

Take care my friends and hope that you have a splendid day!!!!


Anonymous said...

From Chances Mommy.... Way to go Griffin! You are one awesome kiddo, what a super reader at 4 years old! Lora you are such a wonderful dedicated Mommy to Griffin. 4 years old and reading! Send him a big high 5 from us.

I am so relieved to hear it isnt Narcolepsy, I was so worried. Hopefully your meds can be adjusted and you'll feel better soon.

I taught Jayce to read using "Bob books" I swear these are THE BEST books to learn to read with. I have found them at the library as well so that was a huge help for us. Here's the link, These books will fit nicely in Griffin's hands and I think he'll really love them.

GClef1970 said...

Isn't hyperlexia something? Conor doesn't seem to be so interested in reading books. He prefers street signs and license plates. LOL

So glad to hear that the sleep problem might be easily solved. How will the med dosage affect your moods, though?

Hang in there!