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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WH questions

This is really simple but a big deal to me.......When the SLP was asking Griffin WH questions he was doing okay especially on the What and Who but the When and Why questions were much more challenging. What impressed me the most is the one Why question that he did answer, "Why do butterflies have wings?" he promptly replied, "So they can fly!" I am just thrilled with that!!! Yes it was only one Why question and answer but he met the challenge head on and conquered it! YEAH Griffin, you're my little champ!


Vidya Ganesh said...

Excellent Griffin!!!! :)))
Keep up this great show.

Melissa said...

Awesome job, Griffin!

Steve said...

I can only imagine how exciting that must have been - way to go!

Melissa H said...

I swear, I need to move to Alaska. You are getting such awesome therapy there. Way to go, Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Chance and Jayces Mommy.... Awesome job Griffin! How exciting Lora, it brought me to tears:) Griffin is moving full speed ahead! I am so thrilled for you both:)


Wendy said...

That's really great! Good for Griffin!

C never seems to have a problem with "wh" questions but I always wonder if he's responding to a key word in the question (i.e. "C, where is the tree?" but he just hears "tree" and so points at it).

JO said...

That is great!!!! I am a newly graduated SLP and love to hear success stories. I found you blog as I was searching for WH questions on the internet. I am working with a three yr old child who may have autism. We have started wh questions but unfortunately I have no supplies! Could you email me all the who and what questions that your son has worked on? my email is