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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Occupational Therapy with Gayle

Griffin loves his numbers so much that he has had to fall asleep with them. Today was OT with Gayle and I think that Griffin had a blast. First, there was movement where Griffin went down a slide on a scooterboard 5 times then he got to play a Teletubbie's floor game followed by a snack of one fuzzy peach. Finally there was the crafts where Griffin got to put paint all over his forearm in order to paint a tree trunk and then all over his hands to make the leaves, now with this he really had a good time........there was paint everywhere, hee hee. The really nice part is that Griffin seemed to listen to Gayle really well and mostly because she has a way of talking to him that helps him to understand and comply. So, Gayle, you are our hero and we love you very much. Thank you for helping Griffin to progress so nicely with each and every session. Oh yes and what else is really cool is that Gayle continued with the WH questions and asked Griffin some WHY questions like, "Why do you have a mouth (ears, eyes, nose, etc.....)?" and he answered most of them but the important part is that she is continuing on with what the SLP is working on because she had read it on the blog. Hugs to you Gayle!!!!!!


Melissa H said...

Tell Gayle to commute back and forth between Alaska and Florida!!! :-)

I'm so happy that you have such a wonderful person to work with Griffin. Here's hoping that we'll be able to say the same in the very near future!!

KC's Mommy said...

Send Gayle this way too! Gayle you are doing an outstanding job with Griffin!

I love the photo of Griffin holding his numbers! This kiddo is one smart little guy, I am always looking forward to reading about Griffin's days, he is an inspiration and his Mommy is one awesome person!