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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Swimming for the First Time

This is a picture of Griffin petting the little piglets at the Alaska State Fair's petting zoo. I think that he had a grand time on that day, I will be showing more photos in the next few posts. Griffin had swimming on Friday at OT and on Saturday's swim lesson at one of our local high schools. Both times he did a great job going under the water and jumping into the pool with no fear whatsoever. At OT he actually "swam" for the very first time all by himself. It's true that he was just treading water but he did it without any kind of assistance, no floatation device or anything! Gayle let go of him and he smiled and paddled his legs and arms like crazy trying desperately to keep his head above water and he did and I am so very proud of him. Griffin has been getting hyper after swimming lately and I cannot figure out why. It is unusual for him to become so full of energy in the evening and one would think that he would be tired after swimming but it seems to invigorate him. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen? Along with the extra energy that he has he also misbehaves by getting into everything and driving mommy bonkers. As a rule Griffin is a mellow sort of guy who typically behaves and plays nicely on his own but when he is "energized" he bounces off the walls and leaves no stone unturned, always looking for something to get into. I welcome any ideas or comments that you might have about why this might happen and what I might try to do to help him through it. Have a great day all of you and thanks for your comments!!!!


KC's Mommy said...

Sounds like the little guy is full of energy indeed:) Sometimes (not always) when K.C. is wound up or just before he has a major tantrum if I wrap him up in a blanket tightly or rub lotion on him without talking he'll settle down some. It sure is tough when they are super charged:) I wish I had half their energy, he he.
Griffin swam on his own how cool is that! Way to go Griffin! He is learning so much, it's so exciting!

Hugs to you Lora and Griffin

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

How exciting he is swimming!! He looks like he enjoyed the petting zoo a lot too.

We found that Billy Ray gets his second wind if he has too much activity later in the day or is up later. He needs to go to his bedroom fairly early even if he isn't going to bed. We have a recliner chair and tv/vcr in his room. He sits in the recliner and sometimes has popcorn for a snack.

It is not clear to me how much this affected Griffin's schedule.

Anonymous said...

Henry and I love to go to our state fair! It is a special memory all year long. Henry also loves to swim, and although he is progressing slowly I think it is so good for his coordination and his self-confidence. Sorry, though, I don't have any suggestions to help the hyper-activity. Maybe, like Peggy Lou said, if he had swimming earlier in the day?
Great work Griffin!

Anonymous said...

Usually exercise will have an immediate effect of revving you up because it really kicks up your endorphins. This effect can last for a while. When I used to exercise in the evening I used to have a hard time getting to sleep. Griffin should try to swim in the morning or very early afternoon. The swimming may have a more pronounced affect on him if he has any type of sensory regulating difficulties.
Best of luck
P.S. You might want to try some swimming or exercise because the endorphins you release can really help with depression and try taking fish oil supplements, they can also help with depression.