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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Griffin is doing very well, his vocabulary has expanded over the last few weeks and he is beginning to ask questions such as: What are you doing? Why not? and What's that? This is great progress for him and I am very proud that he has made such improvement lately.

I am, on the otherhand, kind of a mess during the day when there is so much to do. There are things to pack, throw away, and donate. There are errands to run, places to go and phone calls to make. I just feel so overwhelmed even though I have a list that I check off as I go I still wonder how the heck I am going to get everything done in time for the move. I am hoping to be out of here by December 1st but somehow a month just doesn't seem like long enough to get all these things done. Does anyone know how I feel? Have you had to move in a short period of time and felt overwhelmed? I would love to hear from you and read your stories about moving, it would be a most pleasant distraction and a great source of support for me.

We got our first snow today, not much just a dusting of snow, and I look forward to getting a huge load of it before we have to leave because I am going to miss it. We won't be seeing any snow in S.C. that's for sure but there may be a teensy bit of it in N.C. when I go up to visit my brother and sister there. Unlike southcental Alaska (Anchorage) the snow is very wet in N.C. when they do get it and it is bitter cold because of the moisture in the air but here in Alaska it is quite dry and when it gets way down on the thermometer it doesn't feel so cold. Of course there are people who would beg to differ but for me it is easily tolerated with just a sweater and a jacket.


KC's Mommy said...

How exciting to hear that Griffin's speech is just taking right off! Hooray Griffin!! You must be so very excited Lora!
Moving is tough, Mamaroo is in the midst of moving/painting and Lora did you read her big surprise? It's so awesome!
Hang in there girl, take it one day at a time. The list you made was an excellent idea!
Tina and Boys

mommyguilt said...

Aha - I was wondering why you were stressing. THIS, you can do. Trust me. I did it while battle the evil Ex. The key to the packing thing - THROW STUFF AWAY or donate it. I know it seems like a daunting task and I so wish that I could just drive over and help you get through it. I have faith in you. You can do it!

WONDERFUL progress with Griffin! Give him hugs, snuggles, and squishes from Chicago - where, by the way, you are more than welcome to visit any time you find yourself missing the cold fluffy white stuff! Not nearly as far from SC as it as from Alaska!

Hugs, doll!

JodiTucker said...

Moving is stressful,even under the best of circumstances (when a moving company does all the work for you)....I have never moved that way at all. I agree with mommyguilt----get rid of as much as possible and donate lots, too.
We don't need half the junk that most of us have accumulated over a number of years. I packed up an entire house with three pre-schoolers many years ago and it can be done.....just keep plugging away!......Wish I could help..AK is a bit far though.....jodi