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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Griffin In The Snow

This picture is for Big Brother. He wanted to see the snow in Alaska so here is Griffin in the snow out on our deck. I will be taking more pictures before we leave because as much as I hate driving in it I sure am going to miss the snow. Maybe we will make a snowman for you Big Brother. How would you like that?

Nothing going on really, just being a hermit as usual in the winter and getting my packing done, throwing away a lot, and have tons of stuff to donate. I do have a funny story to share about something that Griffin said at school, Kathleen told me about it yesterday. She said that they have been taking their lunches from the lunchroom and into the classroom to eat and that the milk is taken away from the children at the beginning of the meal so that the kids don't fill up on milk before they have a chance to eat. So, the kids were walking into the classroom with their meals/milk and Griffin looked up at Ed (the teacher's aide) and declared, "Why don't you take my milk, Ed!" and Ed replied, "Well, I think I will Griffin thank you!" so Griffin said, "No problem". For Griffin to use language like that is amazing, that's what makes it so funny. He just seems so mature when he talks like that and I am so proud of him.


KC's Mommy said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you Lora and Griffin!! Big Brother loves the photo so much! Gosh it's so beautiful there! Griffin is a handsome as ever!
Lora his language is amazing!! He such a sweet little boy, so thoughtful!

Thank you Griffin and Lora,
We love ya bunches!

mommyguilt said...

Wow! This must be the week for great things from our children. I've read so many wonderful things this week!

Griffen looks absolutely huggable out there in the snow! What a cutie!

Big hugs & loves!

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Wow! He did sound so mature. Glad to hear that the move is coming along. It must be hard if you are the only one doing it. Do you have friends helping too?

I thought of you today when I was at Target and they had a little machine for kids that made snow :o)