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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today Was A Good Day

Just a short post to let you know that today was a good day, the sun was shining and I came into some money that I didn't expect to get and now I can buy the S.A.D. light that I so desperately need. Griffin is doing great as well and I think that he senses when I am feeling better because he seems so much happier. Maybe it's just my perception of the situation that comes into play but I could swear that he was squirrelly today because mommy was in such a great mood. He didn't do much in speech today because he had a hard time focusing but hey, he is allowed to have his off days too and I am just grateful that he is such a happy kiddo most all the time. I notice that when I am depressed and having a bad day that he tends to act out a bit more but if I talk to him and keep my wits about me then he will straighten up. Anyhow, I wanted to thank all of you for your great support and all your kind words, it helps me even more than you could ever know. There's a rough road ahead of me and I know that I can get through it because of you! I love you guys! Take care, and have a great day!


kyra said...

oh, lora! i'm so glad it was a good day! i know what you mean about your sweet guy picking up on your mood. fluffy is absolutely the same way. my being 'off' translates into his being 'off'. it just does. it feels so much better to feel connected in harmony and easy good feeling.

Melissa H said...

Hooray!!! I was actually going to email you and ask you how much the light was and send you the money somehow. Like you said, mental health is SO important!!!!!

KC's Mommy said...

Yay Lora!!

So very happy you are feeling happy:) Who is that handsome little fella on the horsey? Griffin is getting so big and man oh man he's a cutie pie:)
We think of you two everyday day and send big hugs and happy thoughts your way!
Keep us posted on the SAD light:)

Love ya:)
Tina and Boys

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Hi Lora:

Billy Ray is the same way when I am under the wear or worried - his behavior demonstrates his awareness. He is used to his deceased father being ill and went with the flow on that but let Mom get a migraine - watch out.

Actually my relationship with Billy Ray has been like that since toddlerhood - when he was having a bad day at Headstart I would just know and call to check on him. If I was having a bad day at my office he would sense it and want to call me. I think it has to do with the strong bond we have and you probably do with Griffin too.

It is sunny here today too but like the picture in your next post it is coming soon. Sometimes I think I want to go near Tina but actually the heat is worse for me than the snow.


Sam I Am said...

So glad for the good day. I hope it is still good, as I didn't get to read this until Friday. Also so happy to hear you got your light. My hope is that you are basking in its rays right now, relaxing and that Griffin is close by playing quietly, so that you both can have some parallel R&R and peace!!!!

Jenn said...

YAY! I'm so glad you are able to get that S.A.D. light! It will make a world of difference for you and I know how that is with the kids sensing how mummy feels - sometimes they are surprisingly perceptive!