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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Griffin Is Still Sick But Doing Much Better Today

Here is a picture of my little happy camper before he got really really sick. I took Griffin to the doctor last Friday and found out that he had a double ear infection along with a terrible cough and a runny nose. The doctor prescribed antibiotics (Omnicef) which I have had to open up the capsule and try to hide it in some food (ice cream & chocolate syrup) once a day and today he is finally starting to feel better. The reason that I didn't take him to the doctor sooner is because he didn't complain until the pain got so severe that he apparently couldn't stand it anymore. Griffin has such a high tolerance to pain he won't let me know until he is just miserable. For several days he didn't even want to leave the house which is highly unusual for him but he did get some much needed rest to help him heal faster. Finally yesterday he asked to go to McDonalds for a Happy Meal and with lots of encouragement he did finish most of his food. I was just glad that he was feeling well enough to leave the house.

I picked up some homework from his teacher yesterday and when I showed Griffin he was happy about it, he loves to do homework. This morning his nose isn't running and he is not coughing nearly as much as yesterday and his eye is doing better, I had thought that he had pink eye yesterday morning and got some drops for it but today he didn't wake up with a crusty eye so maybe it wasn't pink eye or the one application of drops made a difference. The doctor told me that after the first application of drops (24 hours later) he will be able to be exposed to others and not be contagious anymore.

Tomorrow is Griffin's big 6th birthday! I had wanted to arrange a party for him but since he and my mom are both sick I guess that his birthday celebration will be postponed until a later date. I will be so happy if he is even better tomorrow so that he can go to school and go swimming tomorrow afternoon. Griffin seems to grasp the concept of what his birthday means and that he will get presents and that he will be 6 years old so that is cool. I bought cake mix, sprinkles, and candy letters so that he can decorate his own cake either this afternoon or tomorrow, I will take some pictures of his masterpiece (baking and decorating project).

I just remembered that Griffin was supposed to have his evaluation at school to determine where he really is academically and otherwise behaviorally and socially but he has missed it since he cannot attend school right now. I guess that I will call and re-schedule it. even though he has missed school, he has maintained a mellow and affectionate disposition and has done well not to over exert himself which is great because to me that means that he is aware that his body needs rest and mellow/low key activities.

I will update the blog tomorrow and let you know how well Griffin is doing and whether or not he gets to go to school and to swimming. Hope that everyone has a wonderful day!


Maddy said...

Yup when they're sick just about everything goes on 'hold' around here.
Best wishes

gretchen said...

Happy birthday to such a sweet boy with such a big smile!!

Henry has quite a high pain tolerance also- I hate it!

Sam I Am said...

Ooh, I hope he feels better by his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful Griffin!!!!! Yeah for 6!!!!!

KC's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! Hope the sickies are away and you are feeling much better!

Can't wait to see the cake your Mama makes. She is such a talented lady, last year she made you the most beautiful Elmo cake! She loves you so much, what an awesome Mommy and awesome Son :)

Love you dearly,
Tina and Boys

Melissa H said...

Happy belated birthday, big boy!