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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Griffin's Re-eval Meeting

As you can see here, Griffin is quite the ham when it comes to taking pictures, he lights up and shows his inner beauty and his happy little self beaming with glee.

Yesterday I attended a meeting about Griffin's progress and his re-evaluation which is held every three years and my oh my how he has changed. His teacher and speech path. had nothing but positive things to report and they are excited about his progress just in the past year. With the help of the SC Autism Society's advocate we all decided to increase the time that he spends with the kindergarten class (regular ed.) while they are working on math skills. I believe that because he is so high functioning that it is best to increase his inclusion time so that he will have the opportunity to polish up his socialization skills and his communication skills as well. The math part is going to be the easiest task since he has surpassed their grade level. His teacher believes that he is ready to sit in a classroom with a lot of structure and that he is capable of keeping still and organized during this period. I am so excited for him because I feel that he is just going to take off and make progress by leaps and bounds. It was a relatively short meeting because there were no issues to address, his behavior has improved markedly and he is compliant, following the rules, and being a good listener. Griffin simply loves to learn and he is still more than willing to do his homework each evening...........sometimes even asking to do it before he is even reminded.

At home Griffin's behavior has changed as well and his happy and mellow attitude is so refreshing because a year ago around this time he was still struggling with meltdowns because he was just getting used to his new environment and all new people in his life. Now Griffin is so settled and comfortable with everything around him and believe me I am so very grateful for all that he is and what he has become. Fortunately, Griffin still likes to snuggle and show affection and I sure do hope that he never loses that because it brings so much joy to my life. Griffin is showing a stronger desire to do things independently and he seems quite proud of his accomplishments too.

I got a new computer and I am so happy! Griffin is using my old computer and he loves it, his old computer was just that.........OLD! Now he can use a nicer one and play his games and visit his favorite show's web sites such as Nickelodeon, Sprout and so on. Well, I am going to play with my new computer and see what it can do and then maybe send out some e-mail. Hope that everyone is having a wonderful day and that you all find some joy in living for today.


KC's Blog said...

This post made me cry happy tears. It touched my heart and I just want to hug that beautiful little boy of yours and say, "good job Griffin, you are such a special little guy."
Please keep us posted on his inclusion into math class.
His smile says it all Lora. What a happy camper!

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