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Sunday, January 06, 2008

No Resolutions Here

I simply do not make resolutions each year because I believe that one is only fooling oneself to think that they are going to stick, in a word..........resolutions only set us up for disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I believe that it is healthy and helpful to have aspirations and hopes of becoming or doing something that is healthy and beneficial to one's own self but within reason and no so lofty. An example is that each year I aspire to be a better mommy than I was the previous year, to learn more by listening to Griffin, and to live a healthier lifestyle than ever before and for the most part I have been able to do all these things in moderation of course, I am certainly not going to win any awards for these changes that I have made and by no means will I be proclaimed to be mommy of the year, that's for sure. Each day (not year) I wish to become more productive and creative and to always be grateful for everything in my life because all of it serves a purpose whether it is minute or tremendous, it all has a significant place in the whole scheme of things.

With that said, I shall move on and get Griffin out of the house for awhile and let him play on the playground for a bit while the weather is nice. I hope for all of you to continue with your hopes and aspirations not just for the year but day by day, moment by moment in moderation and with love for thyself. I wish for you to be surrounded by love and that you receive plenty of affection from those you care for the most. May you see yourself in the eyes of a stranger and not judge them by their appearances but instead find love within your heart to understand their point of view. I know that I am certainly going to work on these things myself day by day I wish to be a loving human being for all of humankind.


Anonymous said...

happy new year, lora. here's to treating ourselves with tenderness and compassion!

KC's Blog said...

Happy New Year friends!

Lora you are the most compassionate, honest, loving person that I know. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

We love you guys!