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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I took Griffin to school this morning and on the way there he kept asking me to stay home and wrap presents, I felt kind of bad for him although I believe that being at school is the best outlet for him because he has been so bored at home. By the time we actually got into the school and walked to his classroom he was fine and had a great big smile on his face.

I will write again later and add some new pics for his birthday to let you know how it went and if he goes to swimming or not. For the record and for future reference I want Griffin to know that this is and has been for 6 years the most wonderful day of my entire life, the day he was born. Thank you Griffin for being in my life and making it rich and so full of joy. Thank you for teaching me something new each day and for bringing laughter into my life like nothing else has ever done for me. You are and always will be my most favorite guy in the whole universe! I love you, my little "Pumpkin Pie".

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KC's Blog said...

Happy Happy Birthday Griffin!

We feel so very blessed to know you and your Mama. You are our dearest friends and we cherish each and everyday that we have known you :)

We love you guys and can't wait to see your birthday pictures! Happy Birthday little man!

Tina and Boys