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Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Really Rough Weekend

I am so totally exhausted and so is Griffin because we spent the whole weekend at the hospital where my dad is in CCU (cardiac care unit) he has staph in his whole body but worse in his kidneys, lungs, and his heart. They have rendered him unconscious and intubated him because he wasn't breathing on his own for a couple of days but apparently he is doing better today so they may take the tube out and see if he can breathe on his own.

Griffin has not handled the major changes in the past few days for several reasons but primarily because he is still quite sick and his tolerance is very low. I called the doctor on call but they told me to wait until tomorrow to bring him in to his regular doctor, I didn't agree but who else am I to call? Even though we were there at the hospital I didn't feel like making him sit in the waiting room in the ER to see a doctor and be exposed to even more sickness and germs.

I asked the nurse about exposure to the staph but she didn't give me much information so I am going to strongly encourage Griffin's doctor to draw some blood and make sure that he doesn't have it as well. My dad has been very sick for weeks because he refused to go to the doctor and in that time I do not remember what kind of close contact they have had so I am very concerned. My mom is still very sick and has been for a couple of weeks so I am worried about her too, she has been coughing up blood but will not leave my father's side. I understand why she won't leave my dad because if it were my child I would be the same way that my mom is with my dad. They have been together 45 years and that is quite the strong bond. My mom is a very nurturing mother and wife, she loves to bake treats for the people in her everyday life such as the staff at the pharmacy or her doctor and others who help her in sometimes just small ways. They say that people forget what you say and how you act but what leaves the most lasting impression is how you made them feel and mom makes people feel warm and fuzzy because she is such a giving person. I just hope that my dad gets come home soon so that we all can rest easy and get some semblance of order back in our lives. My dad and I are really close and I am having a hard time processing all this.

Tonight, I had to buy a brand new DVD player for Griffin because his old one broke and boy did that ever set off a meltdown. He loves that thing so much and it is a big part of his free time activities so it is worth the cost. I can return the old one because I got an extended warranty with it.

I am so glad that we are at home where it is nice and quiet and will get to sleep in our own beds. Griffin really missed my mom tonight at bed time because she usually snuggles with him too, he told her over the phone that he missed her and loved her and that she needs to come to the bed to snuggle with him. He didn't understand that she was not going to be here even though I explained it to him. We will be so glad when they are back home.

I will keep you updated, got to get Griffin to bed where we will snuggle and zonk out!


Melissa H said...

Oh Lora. So much worry on your plate. Sending get well prayers to all of you.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness lora...I have not been checking your blog for so long and look at all that is going on. you poor thing-I will say my prayers for you and your parents-and I hope all is well with Griffin too. holy canoli....


KC's Blog said...

I have been such a slacker blogger lately. Please know you guys are in our hearts and thoughts always.