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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things Are Going Much Better Today

I only have a little while to let you know what's going on with everyone. They took the tube out and my dad is breathing on his own and he still has a great deal of infection and is trying to cough it up, his breathing is labored but at least he is doing it on his own. While I was there today he did open his eyes a few times but it seemed that he wasn't able to focus on our faces, he was just staring out into space. They also took him off of most of the pain meds which I do not understand because he has peripheral neuropathy and as a result has excruciating pain in his feet all the time.

We got a portable cd player and put earphones on him playing his favorite cd's and I am not sure if he enjoys it or not but perhaps he does, it's worth a try. Griffin is doing better today because he went to the doctor yesterday and got a shot of Rosephen and needs to take 5 more days of oral antibiotics because after all this time he still has infection in his ears and congestion in his chest. I let him sleep in this morning because he really needed to rest to help his body heal. He got an award today at school for most improved in science and social studies!!!!! We are all so very proud of him.

I need to go so I can get him to speech and OT so I will try to write again tonight to let you all know how my dad is doing and what's going on with Griffin and me.


Melissa H said...

So glad to hear the improvements. Still holding your family up in prayer. Hugs.

kristi said...

OH my goodness. I am praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought -- maybe the doctors felt the pain meds might interfere with you dad just now trying to breath on his own.

As far as the neuropathy, you may want to look at:
and see if anything there might be helpful to your dad.

I too pray for improvement and relief for the whole family.

KC's Blog said...

First off I want to say, "Way to go Griffin!" An awardm how cool is that? You are such a smart fella!
So glad to hear your Dad is breathing on his own. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.
How are you holding up Lora? Please remember to try to get rest when you can and take it easy as much as [possible (I know that's easier said than done).

We love yas
Tina and Boys