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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Autism Is A World

Autism Is A World
Follow this link to the CNN web site that has several other links concerning autism. I found this film to be insightful and full of hope for those parents and individuals living with autism. I also read some articles about how other individuals with autism (adults) feel about Sue Rubin's film about herself, she is 26 years old and uses facilitated communication. If I can watch a movie and it changes my perspective on issues then I feel that it was a worth it to spend a few moments of my time to find understanding and hope for parents and individuals who struggle with certain aspects of ASD.

I found this DVD at the local library and by reading the cover I found out that the movies were distributed/donated to libraries around the country so if you call your library and ask if they have it then it is worth the trip to go check it out. It is only about 40 minutes long but it sends a powerful message for not only those familiar with ASD but for those who are not familiar. Sue Rubin attends college, she is a junior and she has 24 hour helpers even though she lives alone.

There are so many films out there narrated and/or produced by parents or loved ones of the individuals with autism, I believe that it makes so much more of an impact when the words come from the person with autism.

Sue carries around spoons for comfort and I think that it is interesting because that is what Griffin used to do when he was a little kiddo in fact called him the "spoon master" because he wouldn't go anywhere without at least two spoons in his hands.


KC's Blog said...

Oh my gosh is that Griffin when he was just a little guy? He's so darn cute!
K.C. used to carry a piece of foam around, God forbid we drop it or lose it. He carried it for 8 months and finally parted with it.
I watched Autism is a World, Sue is incredbly smart and has a very loving family. She is amazing.

Melissa H said...

I, too, watched this a couple of years ago and
blogged about it

I was amazed that Sue's outward language skills were only currently capable of the level of a 2 or 3 year old, yet what came out of her mind through her fingers on her typepad was the intelligence and cognizance of someone well beyond her chronological years.

It really gave me amazing insight into Conor.

I also loved her spoons and I laughed at the fact that we all look at alcoholic drinks and cigarettes as acceptable calming activities... but carrying a spoon? Crazy. ;-)