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Monday, April 21, 2008

Griffin and Chucky Sue

This has got to be one of the absolute best pictures of Griffin ever! Chucky Sue is a Chinese Dwarf hamster that he got over the weekend and they are getting along famously. Chucky Sue has been a great motivator for Griffin, he will do whatever he is asked to do just as long as he gets to pet her and he loves to watch her run around in her clear ball all over the floor. Having her has taught him patience and gentle touch and he is learning that she has to sleep during the day so he has to wait until she wakes up in the evening before he gets to spend time with her outside of her cage. Since we got her on Saturday Griffin seems to have forgotten that he wanted a kitty really bad so maybe the hamster will serve as a substitute for a kitty at least temporarily.

I don't know if you can tell by the photo but Chucky Sue is a super tiny little gal which makes her irresistible and she is so sweet and she seems to like being handled which is a huge bonus. Read below of more details about Griffin and his new friend.

Have a sunshiney day!


kristi said...

they are so cute together!

GClef1970 said...

Okay, I'm jealous! Chucky Sue looks like a little doll! I love seeing Griffin so happy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! And the hamster is pretty cute, too!
BTW, hamsters, especially the dwarf variety, are very fragile little creatures. My son had a guinea pig (about four times the size of Chucky Sue) and she broke her leg falling off the couch. Our vet put on a tiny cast and she was fine for the rest of her long life but I always cringe when I see kids handling small rodents.
I'm sure Griffin is careful but little hands can be clumsy. This is just my overprotective animal side coming to the fore. I hope you're not offended.

Lora said...

Hi Palmer,

Thank you for your comment and your concerns about Griffin and Chucky Sue, I totally understand what you are saying. I was a bit apprehensive while at the pet store and actually tried to steer him towards the larger rodents but the tiny little guys are so irresistible so I caved in. When we get her out of the cage I closely monitor the two of them and have my hands under his while he has her. He is ever so gentle with her but at the same time I take great care that he doesn't drop her or handle her roughly.

I do appreciate your input though.