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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Visit Tina and Her Boys and Younger Brother, Show Some Support

Griffin loves to play with the shaving creme while taking a shower and he also loves to wear his goggles which is helpful because I can wash his hair without getting shampoo in his eyes. He is such a goof ball............always making mommy laugh.

Lately Griffin has been doing so well in school, the reports from his teacher have been glowing and I am so very proud of him as he has been so much more attentive and such a good listener too. We have an IEP on the 20th which I am looking forward to indeed. I look forward to adding some new goals and objectives as he has reached most of his old goals. At home Griffin has been jovial and very positive, laughing and being so entertaining.........what a pleasure it has been to be around him.

I do not remember if Griffin is supposed to attend the regular ed classroom next year or what but because of how he has been progressing I have high hopes for him and I believe that he can and will reach higher goals. Griffin just loves to learn constantly asking questions and looking up words in the dictionary (child's version) especially with Spanish. Every day he asks me what words are in Spanish. I don't remember that much from my Spanish classes in high school but fortunately I do recall how to pronounce the words (for the most part). I purchased the Rosetta Stone program in order to help him learn Espanol and it is working wonderfully! It sure does make things so much easier. I am very impressed with their method of learning by immersion, it really keeps his attention and he retains all that he reads. It is great because I get to learn at the same time which does come in handy because we get to use the words in conversation which leaves an indelible impression on our minds.

If you haven't visited my dearest friends please do visit Tina and her two boys plus her younger brother at:
please let her know that you support her and wish them all the best. They are such beautiful souls who are now experiencing very challenging and heartbreaking times right now. I think that if she sees how many people care enough to stop by and how much you care for them it would be a great way of showing her a lot of support. Recently Tina's mother has passed and she has been struggling with how traumatic this event is/can be. I can only imagine how tragic it would be if I lost one of my parents...........the pain would be absolutely unbelievable! Let's all visit her frequently and leave her comments so that she will know that we all care.

I just want to add that I am eternally grateful for all that is in my life, Griffin's health and safety and all the other simple and wonderful people, places, and things in my life..........I do my best to show/express my gratitude each and every day. I am thankful to have this blog (which I have had since 2005) and to have all of you visiting my blog and leaving comments for me......thank you for letting me know that you came by.

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kristi said...

I have a meeting next week (ARD). Sounds as though Griffin is doing grrrrrrrrrreat!