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Friday, May 09, 2008

Griffin Had Surgery Yesterday

Griffin was such a trooper yesterday when he had his tonsils and adenoids removed, he didn't cry and was so mellow before and after the procedure was done as you can tell in this photo. It was all worth it because last night he was breathing so easily and quietly I had to watch his chest just to be able to tell that he was breathing. I held up a lot better than I thought that I would I guess because prior to the day of surgery I had kept being positive and confident that he would do just fine through the entire time and he did just that.

He has not been eating real well which I do not blame him for so he has mostly just been drinking water and fortunately we have been able to talk him into taking some Ibuprofen a couple of times during the day and once or twice he took some Amoxicillin. Right now he is playing with his Sesame Street characters and the Teletubbies of course.

I did an interview with Dateline NBC about the trial that I was involved in earlier this year when I went to Alaska to testify against an individual that I once worked with many years ago in Anchorage Alaska. I do not know yet when it will air but I will keep you posted. I did the interview on the 7th of this month and I have a good feeling that it will be a great program because they asked some very important questions and left no stone unturned.

I cannot remember if I mentioned that Griffin's IEP is going to be in about two weeks from now and I am looking forward to talking with his teachers and everyone else involved in working together on common goals and reflecting back on all the progress that he has made. I firmly believe that he is going to thrive now that he is able to get quality sleep since his breathing has improved tremendously. I feel really bad that he felt so bad for so long and that I didn't even realize it until he kept getting strep, had a foul odor in his mouth, and the snoring just kept getting worse. Now I believe that he is going to just feel better all over which will make such an incredible impact on his behaviors and his attitude towards learning and focusing on school and all the things that he loves about school and all his other activities.

I hope to get him involved in gymnastics this summer for a couple of reasons: he will have another activity to keep him busy during the few months he is out of school and he has shown a lot of interest in tumbling which he frequently tries to do at home. We need to re-schedule his swimming therapy sessions to a different day so that he can do both during the week.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that he is doing well-he will feel like a new kid in about a week!!


kristi said...

Hopefully you both can get some rest now!