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Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Gecko Guy

My happy little guy is being a ham again, he just loves the camera. He has on his favorite gecko shirt from Geico, this is his newest love. He will run from one end of the house to the other if he hears a Geico commercial coming on. The Teletubbies are his favorite again, I thought that he had lost interest in them a long time ago but he is back into them again. His interest in Chucky Sue, the Chinese dwarf hamster has nearly disappeared so mom and I take her out and pet her every day. She is so adorable and sweet it is hard to resist holding her. Often she will fall asleep if you pet her for awhile.

The IEP went well, it was a bit too brief in my opinion but so far I guess most everything was covered even though my questions weren't answered because I didn't get to ask them. Griffin's teacher is wonderful and so sweet so are all the other staff who work with him. Next year Griffin is going to go to regular ed. for two hours and we will see how it goes and if he does really well the amount of time will increase. Their logic was that they didn't want to just push him full time and possibly overwhelm him. I believe that Griffin could do a lot more than they are fascilitating and for some reason they are keeping him in the special needs classroom. I think that he needs to be more challenged because he gets so bored easily. He seems to love learning and doing his homework so I feel confident that as long as he has an understanding 1st grade teacher then he is going to thrive in that environment. I only hope that this teacher has more than just a little bit of knowledge and more than just hearing or reading about autism, otherwise he will be judged as not being capable of staying in a regular ed. classroom.

I am finally realizing that Griffin's teacher is underestimating not only me but Griffin as well. Whenever I bring up his behaviors, which is all she seems to focus on, she becomes all nice and down-playing it all as if she had never written anything in the first place. On the IEP papers that I signed, which I obviously shouldn't have, it states that the behaviors were addressed and that is so incorrect! I brought them up and nobody wanted to talk about it and I was an idiot for signing the papers. Jamie didn't help me out, in fact she hasn't helped me out for quite some time because I have been writing to her for several months about it and got no reply and if I did it was exceptionally brief.

I heard that there is going to be a male assistant in Griffin's room and I have issues with that. I am going to make sure that there are safeguards in place to be sure that my child is safe because my child WILL NOT go through what I have as a child and I will do everything in my power to make sure that he is safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care what anybody thinks or how much they think that they know this man, and I am probably the only one who has even considered the scenario/the possibility of this man being a predator. No matter what, my child will be safe and if they do not take precautions to keep him safe then ..........I guess that we will just see how I can really be when I feel that my child is in potential danger.

I am not angry yet but we shall see what the future holds and how much they really are concerned about his safety.

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KC's Blog said...

I totally agree Lora. Be sure to ask if they did a fingerprint/background check on the new helper.
I always get worried too when I see a male working with our kids. I just don't trust them and never will.
Griffin looks adorable in the photo. Big Brother likes the Geico Gecko and the Aflac Duck he he.