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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How Do You Let Go?

Please someone tell me that you are having the same quandary as I am. How do you let go? How do you encourage your child to be independent and cut the apron strings? Is it because it is just the two of us? It just breaks my heart when he lets go of me and it brings me to tears when I think about how fast he is growing up. He will be 8 years old next month!

Griffin is asking me again, after a long break, to snuggle with him and he still crawls into my bed and I don't discourage him............should I? Am I being to clingy with him? I don't want to screw up my child psychologically and set him up for relationship issues when he gets older.

He is just such an angel and so precious it is so hard and it seems to get harder each year, heck...each day for that matter. If anyone has some support or comments I welcome them because I am having a really difficult time.

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mommy~dearest said...

If it makes you feel any better, I do the same thing. I cuddle with Jaysen at night, and every morning, he finds his way into my bed and we snuggle and sleep until my alarm goes off. I figure the time will come all too soon that he won't want to anymore, so I don't feel bad taking advantage of it while I can.

I don't know how to cut those ties- smother them in peanut butter and eat 'em?