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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seven Things About Myself

I wasn't tagged but I thought that it might be fun to have a go of it to give 7 things about myself that my new friends don't know but MIGHT find interesting. Here it goes:

1. If you check my photos you will find some pretty risque photos of me and wonder what the heck they are all about. Well, I was an exotic dancer/showgirl for 6 years in Alaska and in Las Vegas. I really did NOT like it but made tons of money which allowed me to travel around the United States and Europe but now how nothing to show for it other than experience. And NO I do not look like that anymore! Many women think that it is a glamorous occupation but it is very challenging emotionally and psychologically.

2. I used to be a ballroom dance instructor for Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Anchorage, Alaska. Loved it but it paid very little so I didn't stick with it, couldn't live off of how little it paid. Worked two jobs but it was too exhausting.

3. For several years I worked for the FBI as a Confidential Reliable Informant doing undercover drug sting operations, which meant that I was paid to do drug deals and then testify in front of a grand jury in order to have the target prosecuted. I was not the kind of informant who had to cooperate in order to get a lighter sentence and such, I was actually sought out and hired to do this job. They came looking for me. It is really a long story.

4. I was diagnosed Bipolar I with PTSD in 2004 when Griffin was 2 years old. I have been through HELL and back in my life because of them but mostly before I even knew but since knowing and working on trying meds it hasn't been quite so bad. I have a wonderful doctor now and am feeling great. Griffin is Bipolar also and ADHD. I also have Fibromyalgia.

5. I had always believed that I was nothing without a man in my life and especially without a husband for that matter so I kept trying and trying and no matter what I kept making poor choices and I now know why (I was an undiagnosed Bipolar with severe mood swings) but in the end.......I married 5 times!!!! Yep, 5 times!!! It was not all bad, two of them were my very best friends and one of them still is but lives in London. I don't regret it but for sure have learned a valuable lesson from all of them. The experience has given me great strength and insight.

6. I am a student who takes online classes and my major is: Child and Family Development and I plan to get my masters in Autism Research! I am so thrilled to be headed in that direction I cannot wait. It seems that I will be in school forever but I am enjoying learning and welcome all the challenges I face with each new class.

7. This kind of has to do with me but more about me and Griffin and our lives: Griffin's father disappeared as soon as I told him that I was pregnant. I met him when I was working undercover and he didn't know who I really was, and didn't get to know until much later. Once I figured out that I was pregnant I decided that I was out of the drug dealing business, it was far far too dangerous. So, I don't know if it upset him and he just didn't tell me or what. When I knew him, he was an awesome man, generous and kind-hearted. So, it was a big shock when I couldn't find him. I hate it for Griffin and hope that one day he will get to meet him.


Blondie gal said...

wow Lora.. what an amazing life you've had, Griffin has one amazing mom full of life experience to guide him!.

Taz said...

what an amazing and interesting life you have had! Makes my claddagh princess and butterflies seem all very tame!!! xx

Jen said...

Delighted you did this Lora, its a great way for us all to get to know each other a little better. You have had one very busy life. The FBI thing is like something we see on TV!! I am going to back over it a few times now and appreciate it some more:) Jen

Autimom said...

fab blog lora, thank you for sharing, i loved reading it, you have packed so much into your life and you seem to be such a positive person. No whonder griffin is great, he has a fantastic mom right by his side xx

Jean said...

Lora your life reads like Criminal Minds!!! I'm sure reality isn't quite so glam tho. Fab read XXX

Hammie said...

Far out!

Anonymous said...

Lora, u could write a book on ur life and i can bet ya it would be a bestseller. i for one would by it.
But in all fairness, u are just like the rest of us, we all have our ups and downs, and its our kids that keeps us all goin when times get tough. well done and i hope u achieve all u set out to do hun



coolkid said...

i swear lora, you are probably one of the most facinating, couragous, and most amazing people i have ever had the privalage to meet, i agree, i would so buy your book xx

you are so honest and you do not shy from your illness or your sons, and your research, fight and courage for both of you by you is just anazing, your one amazing mother let alone woman xxxxxx

popsie said...

wow Lora, your life has been so interesting !! fair play to you on the study thing i know thats hard with a child that needs more of you than others his age. hope Griffin will get to meet his Dad sometime. amazing seven xx

claireh said...

this is so cool. what a life, at least u can always say u didnt waste ur life. id LOVE to learn exotic dancing. just one of them things id love to try. so cool.
i love that ur so positive. uv done so much, and been through so much yet ur one of the most cheerful people iv had the pleasure of talking to.
looking forward to following ur blog

Petunia said...

You have certainly not had a dull life! I hope that Griffen gets to meet his dad sometime, but if not, he has a super mum xx

jazzygal said...

I couldn't get to comment on this before for some reason Lora, but I am fascinated by your post! What an amazing life you've had (and are having!!)

Naturally I am particularly interested in, and jealous of, your dance career!!

I am definitely fascinated by your work in the FBI. Whilst informant would not be my first choice I am interested in forensics.

I think we've quite a lot in common Lora! Plus we also deal with Bi-polar as that's my mam's diagnosis too. Of course we also have the Autism connection too.

Great post and thanks for sharing. xx Jazzy