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Thursday, February 04, 2010

So Drunk In The Morning

No, I am not literally drunk in the morning, not from booze at least but I do act exactly as if I were! This is my example, and it's not the first time that it has happened. I took my Tranxene at 8:00 and prepared for bed, now this is the only med that I take for sleep and only taking 1 is a very low dose. I slept great until 1:00a.m. and at that time I actually considered staying up and studying until I had to get Griffin up 6:00 but instead decided to go back to sleep until 5:00. Now I was feeling quite lucid and great even energetic but thought that maybe my busy day ahead might cause me to be sleepy later if I didn't get enough sleep.

I did not wake at 5:00, I did not get Griffin up at 6:00 and when I did wake at 7:00 (by Griffin) I was so "drunk" that I couldn't function: my speech was slurred, I was bumping into walls, couldn't keep my eyes open, and was saying strange things to Griffin that I couldn't stop. I swear that I felt just like I had back in the day when I used to get drunk doing and saying stupid stuff. I had had NO wine the night before so that was not a factor in this mysterious equation. I had no choice but to go back to sleep this time on the couch so that if anything were to happen unusual while Griffin was here in the living room on the computer I could hear him.

When I woke I felt soooooo much better and felt that I had control of myself and then I took my morning meds that help me to wake up plus some yummy coffee too. I must confess that I took two of my Provigil in order to feel coherent enough to drive Griffin to school. By the time I was driving I was fine.

All I know is that I am sure glad that I get to go see my "doctor deity" on Monday so that he can figure out what the heck is going on and why I was fine at 1:00 a.m. but not later in the morning. So tonight I will not take anything and once again, just as when I had this same problem before with a different med, I will probably not get any if much sleep at all. That's just the Bipolar insomniac that I am!

Tonight we have more snow and there will, once again, be NO school tomorrow! I swear there will be no spring break and that he will probably end up going to school on Saturdays for awhile. As long as we don't lose our power I am fine with it because we have lots of food. And Griffin gets such a thrill playing in the snow.


DebV said...

OMG Lora, that sounds scarry. Glad it subsided. So if you don't take your "sleep" med then you will have several days of no sleep?

I love the photos you posted of Griffin in the snow. He looks so happy!

Stephen Gutknecht said...

That's no fun. Sorry to hear. It can take months to figure out sleep issues, take care.

Jen said...

Something similar happened to me a year ago, not from sleep issues though it was my blood sugar levels and it was absolutely like I was drunk, I couldn't even stand up properly. So scary Lora, and especially when it is just you and Griffin, that adds an extra demension of stress. Oh I hope this gets resolved soon for you. Jen. xx

coolkid said...

i felt like this once from a combination of lexapro and stillnot sleep meds for insomnia

i took them once and never again, it was the worst feeling ever and i too was just with kyra at home as guido had left for work early that morning.

now im so afraid of any of those type of meds and even when i know i need them, decide to take them again, i still dont and they sit there un opened still

hope doc can figure something out for you xxxx

Taz said...

jeez, Lora! that is scary! you single moms have my utmost respect for doing all this on your own. Hope you get the meds sorted soon, hun xx

Ali said...

how horrible for you! not a nice experience at all. I really hope the doc can sort out what is happening for you xxx

Clive said...

Lora, that sounds really horrible for you. Hope the doctor has some answers for you.

take care
Murray's Mom