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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thyriod Medicine and Progress with New Diet

My doctor deity who is so thorough and whom I love dearly for being the best doctor that I have ever had in my life has found that I have a thyroid problem. He tested my thyroid levels twice just to be sure and definitely I have low levels so I am now taking medicine for it. And I have noticed a huge difference in several different ways. I have more energy, I feel more balanced mood-wise, and I am sleeping much better.....well, that is another story. I don't think that I need my sleep meds any longer because I am oversleeping  and sleeping too hard so I think that I don't need any help with the sleep meds. Tonight I will try to sleep without them. This diagnosis is my blessing in disguise because I have not been able to lose weight no matter how little I eat nor how much I exercise so this should help me a lot now!

Now I feel more confident that I can actually lose weight since my thyroid will be more balanced. I plan to go to the pool everyday if I can and to workout in the gym and weight train if I can as well. I need to strengthen my  upper body so that I will be able to swim more easily.

Griffin made the Geico Legos up above, he is really good with his creations as far as the Legos go, which is great because he needs to work on his fine motor skills. My friend Melissa told me that her son wrote much better on regular paper so I thought that I would give it a try with Griffin and sure enough he did such a great job, so much neater and so much easier to read! His teacher was just thrilled that she could read his writing and that he did such a great job. He seems to be a lot less frustrated doing it that way too, he even corrects his mistakes without getting upset like he used to on that old dotted line paper.

The low-glycemic diet is working great. Griffin is making the transition quite easily with no problems at all. He is eating whole wheat pasta, sweet potato fries, and vegie chips instead of potato chips and he loves them. Oh yes and he is eating much more fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, and the cookies he eats are sugar--free and he doesn't mind. I let him cheat now and then when we are out and he needs to eat I take him to Mc Donald's for a hamburger and fries but that is rare. No matter what he eats his behavior has improved exponentially don't know if is the diet or coincidence. Much fewer meltdowns/tantrums lately, much calmer and when he does have one he recovers so much easier.


coolkid said...

wow thats great news bout griffin, delighted things are working out

thyroid, yes know that little gland well, too well. you will feel great when levels are under control hun, glad you got it sorted xxx

Jen said...

This is great news, both you and G:) You will feel even better in a few weeks time with the thyroid meds. Initially I found that after about 2 weeks I got a bit hyper for a while, until my body got used to being 'normal' and then I settled down again, so you will prbably get a burst of energy and this will interfere with your sleep pattern, but hold out, it will settle again. Am delighted for you:)

Great news with Griffin too. An eventful week in your house:)


Jean said...

That is great news Lora! This discovery could give you a whole new lease of life.
Griffin is ace too xxx

Taz said...

Yay for doctor deity!!! Delighted with the news, and equally delighted the beautiful Griffin is doing so well! xx

Clive said...

Fantastic news Lora for both you and Griffin. Hope the new diet continues to go well for him and that you continue to feel good.

take care

The Glasers said...

My daughter did really well with diet too (no apple products, no gluten, no casein, no peanuts), AND she loves the Geico gecko and his theme song!

Way to go Griffin on the diet! Change isn't easy!