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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Still Snow. Still at Home. Should I Go Out on the Streets?


Here we are again stuck inside with lots of snow but we did actually go out and brave the snowy streets yesterday. We had to go to the store for laundry detergent and some food. Griffin had been awarded a certificate for Pizza Hut personal pan pizza for his reading program so he wanted that. It was tricky going on the snowy secondary roads but we made it okay. I kept reminding myself that I used to drive in a heck of a lot more snow in Alaska for years but I also had studs on my tires which made a huge difference. 
Griffin had to roll in the snow every time we went out to take Abby for a walk which was fine because he had two layers of everything on. I try to stay busy cleaning while Griffin is on the computer or if I can I read, that is if he doesn't have audio on the computer or the TV on. I am the kind of person who has to have silence when I read or I simply don't retain it, it is hard enough to retain anyhow as it memory is NOT very good. I need to be brave and take an exam for the same class that I got extended: my International Relations class. I am learning a lot which is great but still have anxiety about taking the exams and writing the papers. I should just worry about just passing the class instead of stressing over making an A or a B in it.

Griffin is due to have speech therapy today so I guess that I will try again to go out because it is so important for him to have speech. As long as the temperature doesn't drop and the wet roads don't freeze then I guess that we will be okay. I have all my fingers crossed and giving thanks for our safety because I believe that if you want more of something then you must first be grateful for it and not take it for granted. We have a Volvo and it is a nice and heavy car which helps and it has the anti-lock breaking system which helps and it is the best car I have ever had, very safe and reliable. So grateful for that too.

I don't know if I want to go out or not, as I look at the thoroughly wet streets it scares me to think of the 37 degree temperature that we have now dropping down to 32 degrees about the time it is to come home at 5:00. I feel like a chicken but maybe it is the wise thing to do (?????)

My friend Melissa asked me if I was going to take Griffin off of his meds for his bipolar symptoms and that is an emphatic NO! We are scheduled to see the pediatrician in a couple of weeks and I am going to ask him if the Abilify is the best choice in meds for him. It works well but there is the issue of it potentially changing his blood sugar levels. I don't know what we will decide as far as the ADHD goes because that is an ever present issue to contend with on a daily basis. Will keep you posted.


Jen said...

Love the photo Lora, but glad I can admire the snow from a distance!! I hope speech therapy went well and you are both home safe and warm:) Jen.

coolkid said...

lovely snowy pic, thank god im not in it brrrrr

i used to love snow, but im beginning to really hate it now, id say its tough to drive in as it looks so thick, id be too scared to drive it

i hope your not stuck with it for too much longer and that he enjoyed the pizza and speech therapy went really well xxxx